Looking at the CBA Draft

No, the NBA hasn't gotten their stuff together and decided to re-draft the Collective Bargaining Agreement to help teams out and let them allocate injured players on assignment or take away the rule about league tenure to determine if a player can be assigned.  We're talking the FIVE team Continental Basketball Association. 

Looking over at my favorite forum, OurSportsCentral, I saw some people looking for what this years CBA draft picks are doing. Knowing that each team only picked 30 players, figured this was a task I could handle. Knowing the majority of the players will wind up in either the D-League or overseas as they did last year, I'm assuming the majority of the nothing yet's will probably hear their name November 7th when the D-League drafts.

I think I'd say East Kentucky had the best draft, as 4 of their 6 choices haven't been signed, but they're all pretty good players, so I'm assuming they'll go D-League. Albany probably had the worst draft, as they only have 2 players not signed overseas, and one is Steve Dagastino out of St. Rose College (WHAT!?) in New York.

Anyway, continue on to see what I found out:



1. Michael Jenkins – Apparently playing in Bosnia

6. Patrick Sanders – Los Angeles (D-League)

11. Charron Fisher – Signed in Serbia

16. Frank Elegar – Playing in Germany

21. Kyle Hines – Playing in Italy

26. Steve Dagostino – Playing overseas


2. Roy Bright – Playing in Latvia

7. Emmanuel Little – EK Miners

12. Charles Rhodes – Nothing yet

17. Rashad West – D-League Draft

22. Terrance Whiters – D-League Draft

27. Brandon Cotton – D-League Draft



3. Othello Hunter – Made the Atlanta Hawks

8. Mike Cook – Erie (D-League)

13. Keith Benjamin – D-League Draft

18. LaQuan Prowell – Playing in Turkey

23. Reggie Williams – Playing in France

28. Leon Williams – Playing in Turkey



4. Aaron Smith – Nothing yet

9. Longar Longar – Signed in Turkey

14. Marcus Dove – Playing in Belgium

19. Steven Hill – OKC

24. Kyle Chones – Nothing yet

29. Jeremy Clayton – Nothing yet



5. Brian Butch – Signed in China

10. Brandon Smith – Reportedly going back to school

15. Othyus Jeffers – D-League Draft

20. Dion Dowell – Overseas through December

25. Sasha Kaun – Playing with CSKA Moscow

30. Dominique Kirk – Signed in Turkey

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