How'z it goin? 2008-09 Ex-Idaho Stampede

Jon L. mentioned feel free to "fan post" - the only thing I know about "fan posts" involves me lifting my hind leg.  But since we are about ready to get started on another season, I thought I would give it a try and see if I could actually put together something worth reading as practice for regular season posting.  In search of a topic, I decided I would look backward and see how some of the ex-Stamps from last season are doing overseas and across state lines.  Without further ado (and thanks to Eurobasket and Google translator) here we go:




Brent Petway:  Of course the logical place for the 2009 defensive player of the year would be an NBA team that needed defensive help.  So of course we find AirGeorgia eating gyros (plus Pizza Hut) and drinking ouzo in  Greece with Ilysiakos of Athens.  From the looks of his stats, he is getting moderate playing time, shooting at a very high percentage and rebounding well.  Team is off to a so-so start.   Pets numbers good to me.  He is also looking for someone to braid his hair if you are in the area.

Lance Allred:  Of course the logical place for 2009 All-League player and all around great story (Longshot:  buy it for Christmas!) would be on an NBA bench, bringing good vibes and hitting the pick and pop.  So of course we find Lance in Italia where I believe he is on the roster of Scavolini Pesaro.  When I say I believe, I really mean that - I am not sure he is playing for them any more.  In the usual Allred way, nothing is easy.  He signed with Napoli to start the season but locked in an unairconditioned hotel room and not getting paid, he started ranting on his blog.  To say that the Italians are a bit behind the electronic "lay-it-all-out-there" curve would be a massive understatement.  After getting filleted by the local press, he was soon traded to Pesaro for a half finished piece of tiramasu.  As a fill in for then injured Eric Williams in the post, Allred was the scapegoat of the 0-5 start.  One translation compared Lance to a cut out piece of particle board and he did not appear in Pesaro's last game.  Feel bad for the man, but Rumble has a soft spot in his heart for the big red head - so Lance if it's not working out you are welcome to come home and play for Coach Mac - the perfect home for a passing big man.

Luke Jackson:  Of course the logical place for a now healthy multidimensional gun slinger that can get to the rack, the foul line and hit the open jumper with significant NBA experience would be...the NBA?  Nope, back to Italia and Carfe - Basket Club Ferrara.  Like Lance, Luke's team is near the bottom of the barrel in the standings.  Unlike Lance, Luke seems to be going off...combining monster games in points/rebounds/assists with a couple 0-5 outings.  I just have to put a paw over my eyes and I can see the whole thing like it was yesterday.  Anyway, it seems like Luke has found a home.  As a side note, it looks from the team website that Luke has picked up a gig modeling jeans...even if that turns out to be mistranslated, it sure sounds like a great story so I won't be investigating it further but rather passing it on as fact. 

Jason Ellis:  Of course the logical place for 6'6" post players would be the D-League...where the 2009- 2010 Stamps could use a guy like him.  We actually hear a bit more about J locally in that he plays with another Boise State grad for GasTerra Flames in Holland.  The Flames are currently at the top of their league and in what should be a surprise to no one, Jason is one of the leading rebounders.  Chipping in a few points too.  Sounds like Holland is a great place to play and from the articles I have read it sounds like he is enjoying himself.  Good for him - he deserves it.

Coby Karl:  Of course the logical place for a guy cut once for Sue Yue would be completely out of basketball selling life of course we find him back in the NBA playing for one of the league favorites, the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Sounds like he is the proverbial 15th man and has seen limited game action thus far.  Hope he gets his chance, he is a smart ball player that makes everyone better around him.  Maybe even LeBron.

Jamaal Tatum/Lanny Smith:  Eurobasket says Tatum is back with Stamps, the Idaho Statesman says Smith is back.  Which is true?  I hope both are back. 

Mildon Ambres:  Back for his 2nd season...

Roberto Bergersen:  Back for his 25th season...(Berto, we kid because we love.  p.s.  please bring your jump shot with you when you report.)

Coach Joel Ableson:  Coach Liv moves on and Coach Joel moves up to sit next to Coach Mac (and be his personal body guard when they play the Flash).  Already a shortage on wine coolers through out the Boise valley. 

Owner Bill Illet:  Utah has Mark Cuban Jr., the Stamps have Jerry Jones Jr.  As long as Bill is here, we'll be here!  Now if he would just shake loose a few bucks and build us "BillyWorld" then we'd really have something.


To all DLeague fans, hope you have a great year!  From the land of Taters, Blue Turf and the 2010 Showcase...

Rumble out

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