D-League Regular Season Finale

[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 04/11/09 4:19 PM CDT ] Be sure to partake in the Open Source Live Blog that we love so much.  Cick on the comments and update away.  I'm planning to be around for the Idaho-Utah game if Rumbe joins.

My two favorite seasons are coming to an end on consecutive nights.  Last night I didn't go out so I could come home and watch the season finale of Friday Night Lights on DVR (I hate JD McCoy and his family more than a lot of things).  Tonight, I wish there was DVR for D-League games - It's Easter Eve and I'm going to party!  Well, probably not, but I'm always hopeful. *sad face*

We've got six games on tap tonight.  One will matter for sure (Idaho @ Utah).  Others will matter ever so slightly (The rest - they're all trying to impress somebody).

Colorado @ Reno - Will my jinx on Colorado hold true? Stay tuned.

Fort Wayne @ Erie - Will Jeff Potter be sitting on the bench?  Probably not.  It would be fun to see though.  Walker Russell broke 500 assists on the season last night.  That's a new record (would Randy Livingston surpass that record if he didn't get a call-up all the time? Yes.)

Anaheim @ Sioux Falls - This should (probably not) be interesting.  Both seem like a team of attitudes.  Both are well coached though.  I don't have much analysis for you on tihs one.

Austin @ RGV - Coach of the Year Quin Snyder will be in action.  Clay Moser will be coaching on the other bench.  Will Malik Hairston break the scoring record?  Will Dwayne Jones break the rebounding record?  Tune in tonight!

Idaho @ Utah - They're playing for the  West Division Title.  Idaho has to travel, which could be an issue; so could Utah's playing more than one game last night.  Idaho will be coming off of Randy Livingston Day; I haven't heard of any Dale Osborne Day's going down in Utah.  Idaho has the services of NBA player Nate Jawai; Utah has the services of NBA players Kosta Koufos, JR Giddens and an apparently banged up Morris Almond.  Utah only has one assistant coach, Idaho has Randy Livingston and Joel Abelson.  Utah's trainer once picked up a technical foul; Idaho's probably hasn't.  I have no idea what all of that means, but it seems vital.

For the loser?  It's wild.  From Duane Rankin in Erie (Do you like that I'm referencing a writer in Erie for what will happen between Utah and Idaho?):

If Idaho loses to Utah and Austin wins, the Toros will get the fourth seed and home-court advantage for the first-round game and the Stampede will wind up being that fourth playoff team available for a divisional champion to pick.  If Idaho and Austin both lose, the Stampede will get the fourth seed and the Toros will become that fourth playoff team available for a division champion to pick. Idaho owns the tiebreaker against Austin.

Joel, if you don't follow, just win, baby!

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