SBNation NBA Mock Draft, Pick #10: Milwaukee Bucks

With the tenth pick in the 2009 SBNation Mock Draft, the Milwaukee Bucks, represented by Brewhoop, select... (Drum Roll please)

From BrewHoop: The unassailable, incontrovertible moral high ground of drafting philosophy can be summed up in three letters: BPA. Take the best player, the theory goes, and you will never be left wanting. Which leaves but a single problem...figuring out which guy actually is the best.

At number ten it seems particularly challenging, since the draft's only clear future star will be long gone. And with DeRozan, Rubio, and Evans also off the board, the dynamic youngsters are also no longer an option. That makes the notion of being more practical and considering need a bit more reasonable...especially when all the remaining guys start to look equally flawed. Given the Bucks' wait-and-see approach to re-signing RFAs Ramon Sessions and Charlie Villanueva, the obvious need positions are clear.

Among point guards, Jonny Flynn has been getting buzz as high as #4 after being an early favorite for the Bucks' slot. We like the 40" vertical and I suppose intangibles are a nice quality in a PG, right? Then again, he's also a pretty tiny dude who committed a ton of turnovers and didn't shoot particularly well at Syracuse. What about the bigs? No matter how much I try to fight it, I have a sweet spot for DeJuan Blair, but all the talk about his knees potentially imploding is a bit worrisome for a lottery pick who doesn't bring a superstar ceiling. Which brings us to our pick, Arizona power forward Jordan Hill. No one seems to think he's got superstar talent, but then again at #10 you're not usually going to find it. What he does have is legit PF size, athleticism, motor, and enough skill to put up 18/11 in the Pac-10. If he can work on his 15-foot jump shot he'll look pretty good next to Andrew Bogut, and Scott Skiles should also appreciate his willingness to mix it up and work down low.

Nabbing Hill also fulfills an ulterior motive for Alex and myself: leaving room for Ramon Sessions to return at the point. Allowing that to affect our draft strategy could be considered blasphemous by the BPA gods, but given the lack of differentiation among most of the players available...well, we're OK with it. And if the Bucks do draft a PG later this month, that's also fine--the Bucks just need to make sure he really is the "best" guy on the board.




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