2009 Summer League Breakdown - Detroit Pistons

Our look at all (hopefully) of the 2009 Summer League rosters marches on with a look at the Detroit Pistons.  They're bringing fewer players in then a lot of teams, but there's still quality there, and it's an interesting mix of players. Not a ton of D-League guys, but a fairly high percentage of this team is made up of guys already on the Pistons' roster or new draftees, and I guess they decided they didn't want to audition anyone to replace Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess or Allen Iverson, for some reason.

Also, a reminder that you can usually find updated Summer League rosters here.  With that, a breakdown of the Detroit group after the jump.

Will Bynum (6'0" G) - Bynum came to the Pistons last year from the D-League and made an immediate impression, and at this point you can pencil him in as the backup point guard.  Bynum can definitely score, though he wasn't totally consistent with it last season, and he also could probably improve his consistency in garnering assists.  Bynum came along to the Pistons at the right time, though, and at this point just needs to solidify his position in the rotation.

Walter Sharpe (6'9" F) - He didn't get much playing time last year, averaging 2.5 minutes over 8 games, and Sharpe is still a work in progress at this point.  He has some decent post moves, and he's pretty athletic, but he's not great defensively covering either small forwards or those of the power variety.  He probably could use some time in the D-League, and the Pistons have sent guys down in the past, but they also just drafted several forwards so they may be moving ahead without Sharpe being a priority.

Trent Plaisted (6'11" F/C) - The Pistons acquired the draft rights to Plaisted and Sharpe last year in exchange for those to DJ White, though Plaisted spent last year playing in Italy.  Plaisted has a solid frame and good footwork, but he doesn't always use his athletic ability to best advantage, particularly on defense.  He has a reputation for drifting, but he usually makes smart decisions with the ball.  His European season ended in injury, so he'll likely need to make up for lost time.

Austin Daye (6'10" F) - Daye weighs about the same that I do, but he's over a foot taller.  What I'm saying is that he's really skinny.  The jokes were flying around Twitter on draft night.  Luckily he has Tayshaun Prince to teach him about NBA weight training.  He's a pretty efficient scorer, and is good both with the catch-and-shoot game and pull-up shots, though his lack of upper- (or lower-) body strength means he's going to have to work hard both to draw fouls and to prevent being called for them.

Jonas Jerebko (6'10" F) - Jerebko's a hard worker on defense, and does a good job using his size on the perimeter.  He's also reportedly a very good team defender.  The Pistons' new coach is an offense guy, but I'm sure he'll take that.  His offense is still work in progress, but at this point it's pretty efficient, which is a good sign.  It also remains to be seen if their new offense is going to be as slow as Cleveland's was last year, but Jerebko is used to a high pace with his Italian League team.

DaJuan Summers (6'8" F) - When Summer was drafted last month it was said that the Georgetown offense didn't really allow him to use his athleticism to full advantage, and while that may be true, he also isn't very efficient at this point.  He's not a great ball-handler, but he did improve on getting to the free-throw line his last year in college, and his three-point shooting improved as well.  Defensively he's a bit slow, but he has decent size and can use it to contest shots.

Deron Washington (6'7" G/F) - There have been reports (initiated by his college coach) that Washington has signed a guaranteed contract with Detroit, though the team hasn't said anything official yet (that I know of, anyway).  He's an athletic wing player who needs to work on being more consistent on both ends, though the potential is there, and he has a nice form on his outside shot.  You also may know him from when he did this.

Dwayne Jones (6'10" C) - What a surprise, I'm writing abut Dwayne Jones.  Again.  (Reports that I requested Detroit in order to sing Jones's praises again are unconfirmed.)  I really, really like his game, as you'd know if you read this site with any regularity.  The shorthand way to describe it is a sort-of D-League Dwight Howard.  He has no real offensive moves to speak of, but he does a great job cleaning up on the offensive glass and he's a solid post defender.  I wrote more about Jones here (among other places).  I really think he could be a solid bench option for the Pistons, particularly since they just let two of their better big man defenders go.  He's also been working hard to shore up his deficiencies.

Michael Bramos (6'5" G) - Bramos is a high-effort guy who usually makes smart decisions with the ball and hustles on defense, where he's a pretty good shot-blocker for a shooting guard.  His offense around the rim is good, though his outside game could use some work.  He's relatively solid all-around, but he doesn't do one thing particularly well that will get him noticed much.

Ibrahim Jaaber (6'2" G) - Jaaber is the Ivy League all-time steals leader (he went to Penn), and his rebounding and assists improved each year in college.  Jaaber played for the Pistons' Summer League team two years ago before heading over to Europe, and he's a member of the Bulgarian national team.  He also was the guy playing in front of Brandon Jennings in Rome.  He's an inconsistent scorer, but the steals are still there and he's been a decent rebounder for his position, though he also occasionally has turnover problems.

Andre Owens (6'4" G) - Andre Owens has a few stints with the Pacers and Jazz, though he's been playing in Europe the last few seasons.  His three-point shooting really improved since he came out of college, and he's a pretty efficient scorer overall, though not always consistent.  He seems to pick up a decent amount of rebounds for a shooting guard, and he occasionally does well in the assist column as well.

Clay Tucker (6'5" G) - Tucker has been floating around Europe and various American minor leagues for about six years now, and he's a good three-point shooter who also comes up with occasional steals.  He doesn't do much in the way of rebounding or assists, but he can score efficiently.

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