An Overly In-Depth Look at the Atlanta Hawks Training Camp Roster

Hey everyone that reads Ridiculous Upside.  I convinced Jon L that I can help cover the D-League this season so this is my second post (actually, I begged him in a few long e-mails... you can probably help too, if you're so inclined).  Been a D-League (and recent RU) follower since we had a team here so I'll try to keep RU as on top of things as it has been in the past.

Since it's almost full-fledged basketball season again, I wanted to start out with something that hopefully we will be able to refer back to throughout the season, much like they did last season: A(n almost) comprehensive list of everyone that doesn't have an NBA roster spot locked up for this season.  The idea is, with so many roster spots already gone overseas (We'll miss you, Trey Johnson), there aren't many spots left over there.  And with most NBA teams seemingly leaning toward keeping the minimum of 13 players on their roster, there won't be a lot of options for the guys that don't make the League.  Therefore, I'm guesstimating that a decent percentage of these guys will be coming to a D-League city near you. Or maybe far from you, if you live in Florida.

I'll start out tonight with a look at the Atlanta Hawks!

Atlanta already has 13 players on guaranteed contracts according to Sham, so I'm not sure why I'm even doing this.  Still, I hope you enjoy it.

Atlanta Hawks (Peachtree Hoops)

Aaron Miles - Miles is 6-foot-nothing... His phone number may or may not be 913-345-9187... He's the career leader in assists at Kansas... He's mentioned as a tremendous pass-first point guard on his DraftExpress page about 46 times... Historically, this means Luc Longley had a better jumper, and looking at his numbers, history doesn't lie... He played 19 games with the Warriors in 2005 and since then he's been a perennial Summer League-then-overseas guy... In the Summer's, he's played for New York, Chicago, Washington and Seattle, but hasn't been able to get the NBA look yet... Looking at the Hawks invites', he's going to have to outplay Juan Dixon, Frank Robinson and Mike Wilks for the third-string point guard job.. Godspeed, A-Miles.

Juan Dixon - Since I don't want to spend nine days in my parents basement typing this, I'm going to do as much linking to pertinent people when possible.  In this case, to learn more about Juan Dixon check out the comprehensive Juan Dixon eval over at BulletsForever... Then check ShamSport's Dixon bio to find out how much bitumen Dixon consumes before games.

Courtney Sims - To learn more than you need to know about Sims, check out these Q&A's done by my the RU blogfathers: Matt Moore's here and Scott Schroeder's here

Garrett Siler - He's really big... like 6'11", 305 pounds (listed) big... Played at the world-renowned Augusta State, which explains the Hawks giving him a look... Scott wrote about him here and Wyn from CanisHoopus gave him a plug here... 

Frank Robinson - No, not that Frank Robinson.... 6'4" shooting guard out of Cal State-Fullerton, which is typically known as a baseball school... Robinson had pre-draft tryout's with Sacramento and Indiana last season, which is where I was able to find the majority of my information I'll now regurgitate... Robinson was the defensive player of the year in the Big West conference so he's got that kind of going for him... he has a self-assessed 6'9" wingspan.. 

Mike Wilks - Wilks is what I'd consider an organic D-Leaguer in that he used his time in the D-League to become an NBA roster fixture, rather than being assigned to the league... I'm not sure how he parlayed 9.6 points on 42% shooting and 3.9 assists over 60 D-League games from 2001-2003 into an NBA job, but more power to him... Wilks is 5'10" and has played 229 games over six seasons with eight different teams, so that's something... Wilks was forced to miss last season after a devastating knee injury (don't worry, no video, just explanation)... his agent is Bill Neff, friend of Ridiculous Upside...

Othello Hunter - Hunter played for the Hawks last season after coming out of Ohio State, so he's probably got the inside track if they do actually sign one of these guys...  hawksdawgs over at Peachtree Hoops hopes he can one day be an eighth man, so he's got that... Ben Q. Rock over at Third Quarter Collapse was excited enough about to put him "at or near the top of the list" for the Magic's last-string PF/C option...

I'm not sure what kind of contract he has (seems guaranteed), but he spent miniscule time in the D-League, so I'll include 'em here for fun:

Mario West - West has sort of played for Atlanta for the past two seasons, so I'm going to be a bit lazy and just direct you to where you need to go to learn more about this man of steel... First, he has his own word... he's good in the community... Finally, I end with a bit more info from Basketbawful about Super Mario's "lacktion"...

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