Fort Wayne Mad Ants Scouting Report Against the Maine Red Claws -- Again!

The sequel! I probably won't be as in depth with this one, seeing as I watched this game live and sort of slacked on the note-taking. Also, the first was perhaps a little heavy on the play by play.

First Quarter: (Maine: 0, Fort Wayne: 0)

Tiny Gallon scores 6 quick points by, basically, being larger than Marvin Phillips. Darnell Lazare picks up where he left off and retaliates with a 20 footer and a tip block on Mario West.

First Quarter: (Maine: 17, Fort Wayne: 11)

Walker Russell continues his strong play with seven quick points, including an aggressive layup on the break. The Red Claws answer with a 16 footer off a well-executed Jamar Smith inbound play. This game, to this point, is much cleaner than last night's.

First Quarter: (Maine: 27, Fort Wayne: 17)

After consecutive threes from Matt Janning and Eugene Spates, Darnell Lazare continues dominating the mid post, hitting consecutive contested 12 footers. He has ten in the quarter. Lazare and Russell are keeping the Mad Ants in this game to this point.

Second Quarter: (Maine: 32, Fort Wayne: 21)

Matt Janning is playing magnificently, finding open shooters and generally shredding the Ants' defense. Much like the night before, the Red Claws are taking every three they can, and like last night, they're hitting most of them in the first half. Oguchi has two in his first couple minutes of playing time. Timeout Mad Ants, down 16.

Second Quarter: (Maine: 50, Fort Wayne: 40)

Darnell Lazare scores again from the mid post. Stop me if this sounds familiar. The Mad Ants are, once again, working themselves back into a game in the second quarter. Chris Kramer is someone who deserves mention for his defensive effort, particularly.

Second Quarter: (Maine: 62, Fort Wayne: 47)

The Mad Ants seemed to have had their hands greased during the last timeout, losing 3 consecutive offensive rebounds out of bounds. The Crustacean Nation takes advantage on a very nice looking halfcourt lob from Jamar Smith to DeShawn Sims. The lead is 17 again. 64-49 at the half.

Third Quarter: (Maine: 68, Fort Wayne: 55)

The two teams trade buckets for a few minutes to open up the second half until Roderick Wilmont hits a huge three off a strong Marvin Philiips offensive board. Phillips continues to fight as hard as he can against the much bigger Tiny Gallon.

Third Quarter: (Maine: 76, Fort Wayne: 63)

Matt Janning continues to pick apart the Fort Wayne defense, including a floating reverse layup to regain the momentum. Marvin Phillips strikes again for two huge offensive layups, the second culminating in a hard fought layup. Hard fought seems to be phrase that best describes Marvin. A big eleven points for him now.

Third Quarter: (Maine: 80, Fort Wayne: 70)

Mario West does some Mario West things and drills a 19 footer. Chris Kramer responds with a bucket, steal, bucket sequence to pull the Mad Ants within eight. Then, after trapping Janning on the baseline, Kramer leads the break and hits an open Corey Allmond for a line drive three. Timeout Maine. Kramer and Phillips have stepped up in the third to give Walker Russell Jr. and Lazare some support. Five point game.

Fourth Quarter: (Maine: 86, Fort Wayne: 80)

Chris Kramer strikes again with a corner three as the shot clock expires. On the previous Red Claws possession, he dove for a loose ball, managing to knock it off Matt Janning's foot and out of bounds. Kramer has been worthy of whatever superlatives you want to bestow upon him in the second half. Immediately afterwards, Kenny Hayes hits an extremely tough one handed 20 footer out of the corner. Corey Allmond responds with another triple. This game is picking up. Kramer then steals a crosscourt pass and ties the game on the break. The very next play, he strips Mario West at the basket and takes it fullcourt for the lead.

Fourth Quarter: (Maine: 88, Fort Wayne: 90)

After a pair of misses from both teams, Carlos English hits back to back three pointers, the culmination of a 23-6 run for the Mad Ants in the late third/early fourth quarter. A run that isn't over as Rod Wilmont drains a long triple, pushing the lead to 11. A nice pass from Marvin Phillips. The Mad Ants have completely caught fire at both ends.

Fourth Quarter: (Maine: 97, Fort Wayne: 105)

Carlos English confidently buries his third three of the quarter, giving the Ants another eleven point lead. He then gets a steal and makes a nice behind the back pass on the break to Marvin Phillips, who finds an open Corey Allmond for yet another three. After a Phillips jumper, English strikes again with a 28 footer, breaking the game open and effectively ending the Red Claws thoughts of victory with about one minute to go. A 41 point fourth quarter will win you a lot of games.

Final Score: Mad Ants- 118, Red Claws- 103.

Players of the Game:

Fort Wayne: Chris Kramer (22 points on 8-11 shooting. 5 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 4 Steals, 3 Blocks). Honestly, this could have gone to anyone, seeing as every Mad Ants outside of Anthony Kent and Oliver Lafayette scored in double figures. But Kramer was the initial catalyst of that late third quarter run that eventually put the game away. For a seven minute stretch, he absolutely dominated this game. Carlos English and Corey Allmond deserve a shout out for their combined 8 three pointers (seven of which were in the final quarter).

Maine: Matt Janning (14 points on 5-9 shooting. 5 Rebounds, 7 Assists.) Statistically, both Tiny Gallon and Mario West had superior nights. But Janning was the biggest reason why the Red Claws had multiple 17 point leads in the first half. He ran the offense to perfection, carving up everyone the Ants put on him, with the exception of Chris Kramer.

Well, there's another game down. I'm not sure how much time I'll have to cover the Mad Ants two road games, but I plan on seeing them in person this coming Saturday. So there's that.

"Hey, look, my name is on the bottom of the screen now"

- Cosmis

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