Omaha's Mock Draft

Here's a quick mock (my first ever) after the big trade.


1) Cleveland: Kyrie Irving

Irving is the best player in the draft and therefore goes number 1. This means CLE can do whatever they want tith Baron Davis and/or Ramon Sessions to address other positions.

2) Minnesota: Derrick Williams

I'm not sold on Williams' star potential, but he is considered the clear number 2 at this point. Minnesota will take Williams and see who nets them the better deal (Beasley or Willaims).

3) Utah: Enes Kanter

Utah moves on from the Mehmet Okur era and goes with a youth movement. Kanter and Favors should be a tremendous frontcourt moving forward, and Millsap can bemoved in order to upgrade a spot on the perimeter.

4) Cleveland: Jonas Valanciunas

The reports are that Cleveland has settled on Valanciunas at #4 and are willing to wait for him.

5) Toronto: Brandon Knight

Brandon Knight can learn how to be a real PG from Jose Calderon and will replace him as the starter at some point. I considered Biyombo here, but the buy-out issue could sour teams on him.

6) Washington: Jan Vesely

Washington needs help on the wing. They've gone through stop-gap after stop-gap and hope they finally found their guy in Vesely.

7) Charlotte: Bismack Biyombo

Charlotte's reason fro moving up is apparently to steal Biyombo from Detroit. Charlotte's front court is a mess, and in Biyombo they are hoping to get what they hoped to get from Tyrus Thomas.

8) Detroit: Tristan Thompson

Detroit is a mess right now, but Thompson would be a great complement to Greg Monroe.

9) Charlotte: Kawhi Leonard

They got their big man, so now they need a replacement for the departed Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson. Leonard compares favorably to Wallce and could provide some much-needed rebounding to Charlotte's line-up.

10) Sacramento: Jimmer Fredette

Sacramento made a pretty bad move, but Fredette could be their guy to play alongside Evans. His shooting ability should complement Evans' game more than Kemba Walker would.

11) Golden State: Klay Thompson

Golden State really needs a C, but there isn't one on the board. Instead, they opt for a big SG who can shoot the lights out. I expect Monta Ellis to be moved.

12) Utah: Kemba Walker

Utah went with their big man early, and can now get their PG.

13) Phoenix: Marcus Morris

I don't like Morris very much, but he should fit well in PHX. He's a guy that can score inside but still keep the floor spaced for Steve Nash to do his thing.

14) Houston: Nikola Vucevic

I don't see a great fit for Houston here. they have a lot of good players, but no real stars. C is their weakest position with Yao Ming's injury problems, and Vucevic did very well for himself leading up to the draft. A bit early perhaps, but the talent isn't all that different between 15 and 20.

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