Scott Machado Shows Support For Likely NBA D-League Prospects


After parlaying a successful NBA Summer League stint into a multi-year contract with the Houston Rockets, Scott Machado is supporting fellow New York City prospects who plan on using the D-League as their platform to show they belong in The Association too.

After completing his collegiate career at Iona College as perhaps the school's most promising NBA prospect of all-time, there was certainly a lot of hype surrounding Scott Machado's potential.

But in a surprising turn of events, all the hype didn't result in the Queens, New York native actually getting selected. Machado went undrafted, and had to go back to the drawing board a bit.

The guard joined an ever growing group of NBA hopefuls in looking for a roster spot. Machado put in the work all summer, using the offseason not only to participate in group workouts with fellow prospects in New York City, but also to make his mark during Summer League in Las Vegas.

Machado caught the eye of the Houston Rockets, impressing team brass while averaging 8 points, 5.6 assists, and 2.2 steals through five contests. Taking the time to prove his skills and strut his stuff, the guard parlayed that same success into a three-year contract with Houston.

Though he's signed a deal just in time to break into The Association this coming season, Machado hasn't forgotten the fellow hard-workers who helped him up his game all summer long. As he ventures off to the NBA, a number of his friends and competitors are looking ahead to November 2nd, when the D-League Draft will take place.

And what better way to charge head first towards an NBADL future, than knowing all the while they have Machado's support? has kept a close eye on journeyman Brian Kortovich this offseason, most recently reporting that he's been working out for multiple D-League squads in hopes of securing a spot. Following the piece, Machado released an official statement to us, recognizing the fellow guard for his efforts as of late.

The incoming NBA rookie said, "I worked out daily with BK for about a month before I reported to Rockets camp. He should be on an NBA roster. Brian has tremendous work ethic and a high basketball IQ. He can shoot and lead a team from the point guard position, which makes him such a hard player to defend. He's lights out, period!"

But his display of support didn't stop there. In addition to Kortovich, Machado took to Twitter this past weekend to also cheer on Kahlil McDonald, another Big Apple guard that he worked out with during the offseason. It's undeniable that Machado truly realizes what kind of great opportunities await some of his friends, with regard to the NBA D-League's upcoming season and draft. Take a look below for a couple of the Queens native's tweets.

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