D-League Alum James White Preparing to Take Flight in 2013 NBA Slam-Dunk Contest?

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Players with NBADL roots are often known for a certain skill set or specialty skills. In the case of James White, it's his athleticism. After winning the 2009 NBA D-League Slam Dunk Contest, the Knicks' swingman is reportedly preparing to take flight in The Association's contest this coming February.

Though the NBA D-League may not produce and deliver a variety of all-stars to The Association, many of the minor league's top talents still go on to become household names.

Such players are recognized for emerging as key contributors, and/or complements to the already existing stars. Each individual's specialties or certain skill set often helps pace his team's efforts while the superstars the make headlines.

The biggest names of the NBA may most often be found front and center, but an array of NBADL alum still find time to shine every once and a while. As we head into the new year, in 2013 may wait quite a big stage for a certain former D-League athlete to strut his stuff.

Knicks' swingman James White, who played in the minor league through two separate seasons (and was also assigned to New York's NBADL affiliate earlier this month for practice purposes), has been approached by the player's union about potentially taking flight during NBA All-Star Weekend for the Sprite Slam-Dunk Contest.

Participating in such an event would be a big boost for White, who has played sparingly in twenty contests for the Knicks this season. Such an appearance would also go far in solidifying the fact that the NBADL is home to some very interesting and special athletic creatures.

The former Toros (2006-07) and Arsenal (2008-09) guard is a freakish athlete who has been known for his high-flying abilities for over ten years now. In addition to coming in second during both the 2001 McDonald's High School Slam Dunk Contest, and the 2006 NCAA College Slam Dunk Contest, White has also over similar contests overseas in both Russia and Italy.

A renowned rim-rattler, White has been praised by a bevy of others, ranging from rapper Wale to NBA superstar Kevin Durant. Both went on to say the 30 year old deserves a shot at slamming it home under the bright lights this coming February, now that's he is back in The Association.

But NBADL fans may remember White most from when he leaped to yet another victory during the 2009 NBA D-League Slam Dunk Contest. For perhaps a preview of the kinds of tricks he may have up his sleeve in time for the big league contest, take a look below at four of White's dunks from his minor league win in 2009, courtesy of DraftExpress.

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