Dumars, Pistons On Summer League Recruiting Trail In Spain With Singler

Kyle Singler is close to finishing his rookie season playing in Spain and the Detroit Pistons draftee will have some decisions to make about his basketball future. Will the allure of staying overseas prevent his jump to the Pistons and summer league?

After the way Kyle Singler played on Thursday night, Joe Dumars might be reconsidering being initially upset about the Detroit Pistons draftee opting to finish out the season in Spain.

Instead of Singler putting up numbers for Real Madrid like he did early last month against Unicaja Malaga when the 6-foot-8 forward went for a well-rounded 13 points and 6 rebounds in 23 minutes, the 2011 second-round pick fell into early foul trouble against Regal Barcelona and pretty much disappeared from there.

Not only did Real Madrid lose to Real, 86-83, but Singler only finished with three points.

Dumars had to feel like he was back in Detroit watching his own team struggle.

The Pistons team president was in attendance between Real and Regal and is visiting Singler overseas to get a first-hand understanding about his overall development after sidestepping his rookie season in the NBA. This is the second time in the last two months that a representative from the Pistons has been up close and personal to evaluate Singler's growth from Alicante to Real Madrid -- and hopefully onward to Detroit.

In mid-April, Detroit's personnel director George David traveled to Europe on a scouting trip and to gauge Singler's game and mindset in looking ahead to next season with the Pistons.

Now it is Dumars' turn.

Knowing guys like Jaycee Carroll, Sergio Llull and Nikola Mirotic provide the scoring punch for Real Madrid, Singler can pick and choose his spots but unfortunately those spots were few and far between against Barcelona. Averaging 8 points, 2.3 rebounds and shooting 57% from the field in 19 ACB Spanish League games doesn't really tell the whole story here for Singler. Believe it or not, this has less to do about "the numbers" and more to do with the former Duke Blue Devil getting acclimated to the pro game and developing his own game along the way.

Will that translate to the NBA?

Well, it's not exactly a done deal at this point that Singler will join the Pistons next season. Right now, Dumars and Detroit's front office is still trying to reach an agreement with Singler to play summer league.

That's a start -- a chance to sell Singler on officially making the NBA jump.

Here's the reality: the 23-year-old is getting a chance to see the world and play basketball and a high level and doesn't appear in a rush to leave a pretty great set-up any time soon. A season playing in the ACB and Euroleague certainly hasn't hurt Singler at all. Still, it's been said Dumars expects Singler to be part of Detroit's summer-league roster when the Orlando Summer League takes place from July 9-13, along with Brandon Knight, Austin Daye and Vernon Macklin for starters.

But even then, nothing is finalized on that front as Singler looks ahead to finishing up his rookie season in Spain. Real Madrid next faces FIATC Joventut on Sunday.

Maybe that will be the chance for Dumars to watch Singler bounce back. Because until a compromise is reached between the Pistons and Singler about playing in summer league, Detroit and Dumars remain on the recruiting trail.

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