Can Tornike Shengelia Move Up In The Second Round After Successful Eurocamp?

A second round hopeful, Tornike Shengelia improved his draft stock by showcasing his versatility and aggressiveness at the adidas Eurocamp in Treviso, Italy this week. Now will NBA front offices around the league take notice?

Before the three-day adidas Eurocamp got underway in Treviso, Italy earlier in the week much of the talk regarding the roster and participants centered on Evan Fournier and for good reason.

The athletic 6-foot-7 swing guard from Poiters in the Pro-A French League is a projected first round selection who is coming off an injury that caused him to pull out of the NBA Combine in Chicago.

Treviso was his chance to shine in a one-on-one workout and in full game situations and while he showcased solid play and explosiveness, some are left wondering if Fournier actually hurt his draft stock and might slip into the second round. However, the Eurocamp instead quickly became about a number of players who were thought to be second round or even players on the bubble coming into June's NBA Draft, and who actually improved their overall value as the camp in Italy concluded.

Case in point: Tornike Shengelia, the 6-foot-9 power forward from the Republic of Georgia who played for Charleroi in Belgium this season.

According to his agent Levan Mikeladze, Shengelia will keep his name in the NBA Draft after leading the adidas Eurocamp in scoring. Wise move.

After averaging 7.6 points and 3.8 rebounds per game in Euroleague play and 8.8 points and 4.8 rebounds in Ethias League for Charleroi this past season, he finished with 14.3 points per game and 5.4 rebounds a game, while shooting 59 percent (25-for-42) from the field in Treviso.

A big man with a versatile skill set and both national team and Euroleague experience, Shengelia can handle the ball, shoot inside and out and find teammates with ease as well -- or at least was the case in Treviso. But exactly where he will land in the second round is somewhat of a misnomer.

Initially projections pegged him as a mid to late second round guy (Draft Express has him at #44 to the Detroit Pistons, #55 to the Dallas Mavericks according to NBA but thanks to Eurocamp those numbers don't tell the whole story.

The top power forward of the event, the 20-year old Shengelia handles himself more like a small forward at times which helps boost the versatility factor at 225-230 pounds. Yet some might also view this as a negative when it comes to handling his own against NBA post players. That's one way to evaluate Shengelia's game. But don't throw the defensive liability tag on him just yet.

As he begins to prepare for the jump from overseas and into the league -- if or when Shengelia's name is called on draft night -- he can actually take pride in being a four who can slash and get to the rim, which makes him a tough cover at 6-foot-9 for a number of defenders around the league.

His quickness should also come in handy on the block as well. And instead of feeling like he is mismatched against stronger power forwards in the league, Shengelia should turn the tables and make it difficult for fours to guard him due to his size and agility.

Shengelia's mindset going into any upcoming NBA workouts: attack, attack, attack.

That's what helped him improve his stock in Treviso.

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