Looking at the Solid NBA D-League Content From Around SB Nation

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As we ring in the new year, there are a bevy of promising prospects looking to break into the NBA in 2013. Some of our friends around SB Nation have checked in on the most recent happens in the NBADL to start off the year.

As the immense amount of talented prospects look to prosper and receive an oh so coveted call-up in the new year, a number of fellow NBA young guns are using the D-League as means of proving to their big league squads that they have what it takes to make sound contributions in the near future.

With the year 2013 officially upon us, let's take a look at some of the better content from around SB Nation pertaining to the NBA D-League this week. A number of the network's better NBA bloggers weighed in on their respective teams' latest signings, assignments, and prospect progress as of late.

First up, our good friend Nate Parham from "Golden State of Mind" provided a recap of his time taking in a recent Santa Cruz Warriors' contest. In addition to providing a look back at his own personal experience from start to finish, Nate also highlighted the types of things he saw from Golden State assignees Kent Bazemore and Jeremy Tyler.

The fellas at "The Dream Shake" also recently hit a home run with their take on Royce White's refusal to accept the Rockets' assignment for him to venture down to the D-League. The writer in this particular piece also had a few choice words as to how the rookie has been moving forward with regard to handling the public side of his so far turbulent rookie season.

Also from TDS, an interesting FanPost gives readers an in-depth look as to how recent NBA call-up and D-League alum James Anderson has found success while being an efficient player over the past few seasons, including his college years.

Whereas most NBA assignees go up and down between their big league squad and NBADL on a very quick and snappy basis, the Jazz have stashed young gun Kevin Murphy down in Reno with the Bighorns for the long haul thus far. Our friends at "SLC Dunk" check in on his most recent progress.

And in case you missed it, our very own Gino Pilato helps readers and D-League fans alike ring in the new year with a special look back at what 2012 provided and/or meant for the ever flourishing minor league system.

That's all for now, folks! Happy reading, and an even happier belated new year!

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