Orion Outerbridge Rejoins Santa Cruz Warriors Following Hilton Armstrong Call-Up

RBA Sports

After being released to make room for the incoming Dewayne Dedmon, high-flying forward Orion Outerbridge has rejoined the Santa Cruz Warriors following Hilton Armstrong's call-up to the NBA.

Earlier this week, both Orion Outerbridge and Hilton Armstrong were topics of conversation on RidiculousUpside.com's first weekly podcast.

Following the Warriors' release of Dewayne Dedmon, the big man subsequently joined the minor league affiliated Santa Cruz squad. As a result, agent BJ Bass told us that his client, the high-flying Outerbridge, had been released to make room for the incoming young gun.

Coincidentally enough, after Bass, Santa Cruz broadcaster Kevin Danna called in and asserted that he believed Warriors' center Hilton Armstrong was quite deserving of an NBA call-up.

Just two days later, Armstrong was called up to Golden State. With a roster spot suddenly opened back up again, the NBADL squad re-claimed Outerbridge, reeling him back to Santa Cruz once again.

How long the forward will stay this time around remains to be seen, but if one thing is for sure, it's that Outerbridge was simply a victim of unique circumstance, rather than having been released following poor play.

As it just so happens, the Rhode Island alum actually logged his best individual effort on December 6th prior to initially being released. Outerbridge shot 6 of 8, scored 14 points, grabbed 4 rebounds, and blocked 3 shots against the Reno Bighorns.

The more playing time Outerbridge receives and the more opportunities he's granted to better acclimate himself to the pro game, the better he'll obviously do. Time and given opportunities are the keys to a successful season for the young gun. He's a raw talent with the ability to serve as a stretch forward in a number of different ways. More than able to hit the midrange jumper (he can also hit the long ball, on occasion), Outerbridge's freakish athleticism is often able to help him on both ends of the floor. He can fly in for electrifying dunks with ease, but on the flip side, can use his long frame to pester opposing offensive players inside.

It goes without saying that the 25 year old is an intriguing prospect, at the very least. Any forthcoming success he may have on the court the rest of the way will be dependent on the worthwhile opportunities that come his way. If nothing else, at least the Warriors seem convinced he's worth a second look at this point.

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