Recapping the NBA D-League's All-Star Weekend Skills Competitions

Grant Halverson

Here's a look at how the skills competitions at NBA D-League All-Star Weekend went down.

With players like (D-League alum) James White and Gerald Green both falling short of making worthy noise in the Sprite Slam-Dunk Contest, many NBA fans are left wondering when (if ever) the contest will eventually return to grace.

It's also easy to wonder if players with wowing dunking abilities will ever grace the NBADL hardwood again too, just like players like White, Green, and last year's champion, Jeremy Evans all have before.

Dar Tucker is the Reno Bighorns' exciting, athletic, and high-flying sixth man. When talking to players around the NBA D-League, one sees that Tucker is widely regarded as the most impressive and acrobatic dunker the league has to offer.

A two NBADL Slam-Dunk Contest champion already, Tucker was overwhelmely the favorite going into this weekend. Despite an underwhelming effort last month (Tucker was forced to throw down a simple dunk after running out of time in the final round of the Dunk-Contest at the D-League Showcase), his past success is enough for everyone around the league to put faith in him once again.

Unfortunately for the Reno guard, he seemed to falter under the pressure for a second time in as many months. Tucker ran out of time in similar fashion (by missing so many early attempts) and failed to make it out of the first round. That said, his second dunk of the round was arguably the best dunk of the entire competition. It just wasn't enough to make up for his earlier mishap. See below, however, for his high-flying dunk over former NBA big man Jerome Jordan.

Tucker's inability to reach the final round make Tony Mitchell's path to a contest victory quite the easy one, as the likes of Josh Owens and Glen Rice Jr. seemed to fall short of the expectation mark set by their competitors. With Tucker out of the way, Mitchell soared to a big win (pun-intended) by slamming home this dunk below.

The Slam-Dunk Contest may have provided the true ohh's and ahh's of the afternoon, but the impressive shooting displays by the participants of the NBADL Three-Point Contest put on was nothing to squeeze at, either.

Like Tucker, his teammate Marcus Landry came in second place as the runner up in last month's Three-Point Contest at the D-League Showcase. Unlike Tucker, however, Landry wouldn't let another victory evade him. The forward dedicated the win to his family as he beat out the three other competitors. The brother of NBA forward Carl Landry, the Bighorns' swingman edged out Justin Holliday, the brother of NBA All-Star Jrue Holliday, among others. Watch below for some of the competition's highlights.

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