The Utah Jazz Are Still Preparing For An NBA Summer League Via NBA Draft Workouts


The NBA's annual Summer League in Vegas is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year so I was quite disappointed when news broke that it's a severe longshot that I have a reason to leave North...

Quincy Douby & James Singleton's Coach In China Was Pretty Strict


Xinjiang Guanghui head coach Jiang Xingquan laid down some pretty strict rules for the players on his team: players had to turn their cell phones into the coaching staff each night, lights out was...

Lou Williams Is A Proud NBA D-League Supporter


There typically isn't a ton of positive comments regarding the D-League coming from established NBA players so when Lou Williams of the Philadelphia 76ers, regarded by some as a legitimate NBA MVP...

Ridiculous Update #3: Where Alonzo Gee Happens


Former D-League Player of the Week(s): Alonzo Gee, Cleveland CavaliersSince March 27, Gee has played in eight games, averaging 10.9 ppg, 5.3 rpg, and hitting 33 of his 55 shots from the field at a...

Deena From Jersey Shore And Adam From Real World Watched An NBA D-League Game


So I was doing my usual watching of NBA prospects this afternoon, focusing on last week's Maine Red Claws game versus the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, when I stumbled upon Deena from the Jersey Shore...

In The D-League, Things Happened This Weekend


It's Monday morning. Usually I like to have some really great piece go up on Monday mornings but instead I spent my weekend playing in the North Dakota State Amateur Basketball Tournament with a...

Rashad McCants, Rapper, Makes It Clear That Ballin' Is His Hobby


Rashad McCants is my favorite current NBA D-League player that also has side businesses including acting as a cross-dressing shoplifter in a made-for-internet series, being a former poet, running a...

James White Won Another Dunk Contest, This Time In Italy


Former NBA player James White won this another dunk contest this past weekend while playing in Italy.

Marcus Cousin Was Missing Something In His Jazz Debut


D-League call-up Marcus Cousin's uniform displayed only the number zero without any sort of nameplate when the 6-foot-11 center checked in on Wednesday night for the last 39.7 seconds of the first...

Sherron Collins Missed Flights, Second NBA Chance Last Week


In the end, though, it turns out that Collins didn't eat himself out of the NBA -- he just missed enough flights to make sure the Charlotte Bobcats had to sign a D-League player (Garrett Temple) to...

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