D-League Game Recaps

Last Night in the D-League; Yeah, Trey Johnson Can Play Point Guard

Recaps of last night's D-League games, highlighting former Cleveland Cavalier Trey Johnson's transition to point guard.

The Oklahoma City Thunder Played Last Night In The D-League, Basically

The first of the Tulsa players I'd like to talk about is D.J. White - Austin simply had no answer for him. Granted, hardly anyone can contain White in the D-League (granted it's only seven games, but it's pretty difficult to choose a game he's played poorly in), but Austin showed that they really have no big man depth behind Dwayne Jones, who was busy defending BJ Mullens.

Last Night in the D-League; Call Up Alexander Johnson While You're At It

Recaps of yesterday's D-League games, highlighting the performance of former NBA player Alexander Johnson.

Austin Toros 95, Tulsa 66ers 87: OKC's Kyle Weaver Impresses

A recap of last night's Austin-Tulsa D-League game, with commentary on many of the players.

The Defense Was (Not) The Backbone Last Night In The D-League

The D-League has the "Defense is the Backbone" commercial in heavy rotation. However, even after their 146-135 slobber knocker yesterday, RGV has apparently not watched it quite as often as myself.

Mustafa Shakur Was Clutch Last Night In The D-League

Yesterday I highlighted Will Conroy, today Mustafa Shakur's getting the top billing. I hate when people talk about the D-League being such a guard dominated league (it is, but it isn't) and I guess I'm not doing much to eliminate that assertion. Either way, Shakur and Conroy are probably the two most NBA-ready players in the D-League right now.

Will Conroy Showed Why He Deserves A Call-Up Last Night In The D-League

That said, Will Conroy's finally found a nice middle ground of playing the role of glue guy and distributor when it's warranted as well knowing when to take over a game. Last night, he realized he needed to be the glue guy, the distributor AND then, when it mattered, take over the game. Did it work? Yes - splendidly.

Highlights From Last Night In The D-League

I'm lazy, so you're not going to get my normal in-depth recaps. In return, I will provide you with lots of youtubeage and a new feature called "Line of the Night." Deal?

Recap: Fort Wayne Mad Ants 118, Maine Red Claws 110

A recap of last night's D-League game between the Fort Wayne Mad Ants and the Maine Red Claws

Brian Butch Butchered 'Birds Last Night In The D-League

I'm going to start this off by saying that I don't give enough love to Brian Butch. When he was here in Bismarck, he played very well for about 15 minutes, but didn't impress me in the rest of his time on the floor. The only other chance I've had to see him live, at the D-League Showcase, he had a 30 point game and a 10 point game.

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