NBA Draft 2011

Brandon Knight Visiting Raptors Will Highlight Tuesday's NBA Draft Workouts

The 2011 NBA Draft is just a few Thursdays away and the pre-draft workouts are becoming more and more exciting so let's get to them right away. The highest profile workout on Tuesday, in terms of what your's truly wanted to feature, is the first of what will be quite a few workouts the Toronto Raptors are hosting throughout the month.

2011 NBA Draft Rumors Featuring Kemba Walker And Enes Kanter

Ridiculous Upside looked a bit different on Monday as the 2011 NBA Draft took a backseat to some rumors I've been hearing regarding the NBA D-League (my first love). For those that don't love the Development League as much as myself, however, we're back to draft coverage today.

2011 NBA Draft Rumors: Alec Burks Has A Dislocated Shoulder; Strong Interest From The Milwaukee Bucks

Alec Burks should end up being selected somewhere in the lottery portion of the 2011 NBA Draft, but after suffering a reported injury over the weekend, his pre-draft workouts could take a bit of a hit. Burks, a 6-foot-6 shooting guard from Colorado, worked out with the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday and was supposed to workout for the Charlotte Bobcats on Sunday.

2011 NBA Draft Prospects Don't Want To Work Out For The Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers have a conundrum: Despite having the 16th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the players they would prefer to select with that pick aren't interested in heading to Philadelphia to show the Sixers they're worthy of that selection.

Kemba Walker Is Working Out With The Charlotte Bobcats On Friday Among Other NBA Draft Workouts

Kemba Walker is probably the most high-profile prospect in the 2011 NBA Draft class after leading the Connecticut Huskies to the NCAA championship and seems to be in the upper portion of the lottery in most NBA mock drafts.That hasn't stopped the Charlotte Bobcats from bringing the point guard in for a pre-draft workout, however, as they look for the player to select with the ninth overall pick.

2011 NBA Draft: Boston Celtics Workout Canadian Football Player Matt O'Donnell

The Boston Celtics held their first round on pre-draft workouts on Wednesday in anticipation of the 2011 NBA Draft and apparently replaced Butler's Matt Howard with Matthew O'Donnell, a 6-foot-11 big man from Queen's University.

NBA Draft 2011: Bobcats Will Audition Kenneth Faried & Other Teams Will Look At Other Prospects

NBA Draft workouts are always exciting simply because, as the Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman noted this morning, it's the NBA's version of speed dating. Actually I've never speed dated (because, honestly, that's just not going to happen in Bismarck, North Dakota), but it seems exciting enough that I used it for today's lede before we get into the pre-draft workouts!

2011 NBA Draft Workouts On Wednesday Feature The Boston Celtics, But Not Matt Howard

The 2011 NBA Draft is creeping closer each day and, not surprisingly, this has led to a rampant uptick in pre-draft workouts all around the NBA world.

2011 NBA Draft Rumors And Other Random Notes For The First Day Of June

I hate to say "NBA rumors" in the headline because there isn't exactly anything groundbreaking coming out with over three weeks until the 2011 NBA Draft, but it is what it is. Let's go to the links!

Jeremy Tyler, The 2011 NBA Draft And Highlights From Japan

Jeremy Tyler is probably the biggest enigma in the 2011 NBA Draft. Let's try to change that this morning. For those unaware, the 19-year-old forward left high school after his junior season, played an abysmal season in Israel, a better season in Japan's second division this past year and then wowed the NBA scouts that hadn't seen him in two years at the NBA Combine.

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