Skyforce Looking to Form Hybrid NBA Affiliation

After watching one of their former affiliates, the 76ers, purchase their own NBADL squad, the Sioux Falls Skyforce are searching for a sole NBA team to enter in a hybrid affiliation with.

NBADL Rising Star To Enter This Year's NBA Draft

After emerging as one of the NBADL's more promising prospects this year, Glen Rice Jr. will look to take his talents to the The Association next season following eligibility in this coming June's NBA Draft.

RU Staff's 2012-13 NBA D-League Midseason Awards

With just about every NBADL team hovering around the 25 game mark, RidiculousUpside.com honors some of the league's standouts with their 2012-13 NBA D-League Midseason Awards.

Guard Larry Gordon Thriving Overseas in Germany

Thriving overseas, Larry Gordon is enjoying quite the successful season in the Beko BBL of Germany. His versatile efforts have helped him garner quite the accomplishments. Does the young gun also hold hope for a future in the NBA?

#NoOneSleeps? NBADL Players Know Meaning Well

#NoOneSleeps? The popular Twitter hashtag, started up by Alan Hahn may be all in jest for fans, but NBA D-League players could certainly provide the term with a much more literal definition.

2013 NBA D-League Showcase: Day Four Preview

The last day and the last chance for NBADL prospect to prove that they deserve a shot in the association. Top NBADL prospects Arinze Onuaku, Ron Howard, Travis Leslie, and D.J. Kennedy will all be in action on Thursday.

Royce White Explains Refusal of NBADL Assignment

Royce White has been hit hard with a lot of criticism as of late for his failure to participate during his rookie season with the Rockets, but the forward says a solid plan as to how to deal with his anxiety disorder needs to be put in place first.

Mike James Discusses His Return to NBA D-League

NBA veteran Mike James took the D-League by storm last season as he looked to prove he still had what it takes to compete in The Association. With the Showcase less than a week away, he's set to do it all over again. The guard spoke w/ RU for a Q&A.

Stoudemire To Practice w/ Knicks' NBADL Affiliate

The D-League has already seen a bevy of high profile NBA prospects hit the minor league hardwood this season. This week, however, the NBADL will welcome its first multi-time all-star. Amar'e Stoudemire is set to practice with the Knicks' affiliate.

Scott Schroeder Talks About Life With the Skyforce

The tables have turned and the former head blogger for Ridiculous Upside - Scott Schroeder - braved the hot seat to answer a few questions about his new role with the Sioux Falls Skyforce.


Denver Nuggets Looking To Place D-League Expansion Team In Nebraska?

The NBA Development League is said to be expanding up in the Northeast once again this summer, but apparently that won't be the only new move this year. The Denver Nuggets are looking to field a new team of their own in the beautiful Midwest.

D-League Game Postponed Because The Floor Was Too Slippery

A D-League game was postponed indefinitely on Thursday night because the floor was too slippery.

NBA All-Star: Slam Dunk Contest In The D-League Should Be Fun Again

NBA All-Star weekend is upon us, meaning there are only about 15 games left in the NBA Development League's regular season. On the bright side, however, that means the D-League Dunk Contest has another chance to blow its NBA competition out of the water.

The NBA Needs To Change The D-League's Name

The NBA Development League needs to change its D-League moniker to something more appropriate for what it's become.

The Ultimate Sports Social Media Job Contest

I know we don't have a lot of readers that frequent Ridiculous Upside, but I like to think those that do visit these parts on a regular basis are pretty die-hard sports fans. Using the transitive...

D-League Showcase News, Coaching News And Ridiculous Upside News

Hello everyone, It's been a few days since I've been able to write at Ridiculous Upside as I attempted to get over a vicious sickness -- apparently Mother Nature didn't want me running outside in...

Former D-Leaguers Shine On National TV

Two former D-Leaguers came up big on national TV Thursday night.

Dear D-League Players: Do You Want To Blog For Ridiculous Upside?

I put out a call on Twitter last week looking for someone playing in the NBA Development League to write about their D-League season. There were numerous responses, but I realized that not everyone follows my Twitter account (or the website's)and decided to post it here before making a decision on our new contributor.

NBA Free Agency Begins Today, But We Are Still Talking About The D-League

NBA teams are officially allowed to talk to agents, essentially tipping off what should be an NBA free agency frenzy (even if the names involved aren't exactly the stars of the league). That shouldn't affect D-League call-ups quite yet as teams work to lock up the bigger names first, meaning Ridiculous Upside will have to focus on other things happening around the Development League.

NBA D-League Power Rankings: Returning Players Highlight Eastern Conference

The opening night of the NBA Development League season is just over 48 hours away. Considering the D-League is going to be the only game in town and Ridiculous Upside strives to be the premier site for coverage of the NBA's official minor league, it makes sense that we'll begin to ramp up our coverage this week.

NBA D-League Power Rankings: Western Conference Solid From Top To Bottom

NBA power rankings are always important so it seemed that D-League power rankings might be fun to do too. Ridiculous Upside starts with the Western Conference.

NBA Lockout Or Not, NBA TV Will Have Live Basketball In January

The 2012 D-League Showcase will be televised on NBA TV even if the NBA lockout is still happening.

D-League Fantasy Becomes A Possibility

It might not be as pretty as the sites that Yahoo! and the like set up, but the folks at We Talk Fantasy Sports have set up a mock league featuring the bare bones infrastructure of what would be the only D-League fantasy league on the world wide web.

What Do You Want To Read About Relating To The D-League?

Ladies and Gents, There's about 10 days left until the NBA Development League Draft. All of the D-League teams have coaches, open tryouts have been written about ad nauseum and there really aren't...

The Canton Charge Is What The Cleveland Cavaliers Chose To Name Their NBA D-League Team

Yep, the Canton Charge is the name of the newest team in the NBA Development League. Following a long line of tradition that began with names like the Sioux Falls Skyforce and evolved into the Fort Wayne Mad Ants and Texas Legends, the Cleveland Cavaliers have decided to name their D-League team after an offensive foul call.

NBA 2k12, Paul Mokeski, R. Kelly And Other D-League Things To Think About

On NBA 2k12, Paul Mokeski, R. Kelly and other things marginally related to the D-League heading into the weekend.

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