Want To Know What's New In The NBA D-League? Okay, Read This!

I actually have a lot of things in the works as far as unfinished projects for Ridiculous Upside are concerned. Unfortunately, they are still all unfinished on this beautiful Monday morning so all 13 of our loyal readers will instead be subjected to links to a few mostly-relevant posts related to the NBA Development League.

Slow Week In The D-League, But Some Stuff Still Happened

I've gotta be honest, I think you know, I'm covered in lies and that's okay the NBA lockout is really cramping my style when it comes to keeping Ridiculous Upside relevant. Next week, this whole website might just be slideshows related to the dominance of Jack Michael Martinez in the FIBA Americas tournament.

The Madden Release Date Also Featured Rod Benson And The D-League Releasing Things

Monday was a pretty big day for releasing things. The newest Madden game came out, the D-League released an incomplete schedule and Korean All-Star Rod Benson released his newest music video.

Monday Morning Musings On The NBA Lockout, The D-League, Javaris Crittenton And The Mad Ant

The NBA lockout is in full effect, as everyone that's reading this already knows, I guess. What they might not know, however, is that the lack of news due to said lockout makes it pretty difficult to put together a decent post to start off everyone's work week.

Monday Morning Musings On The D-League, Great Britain, Sun Yue And Swag

There really isn't a lot going on right now in terms of breaking news regarding any basketball being played stateside. It's my mission to deliver the news, though, so this morning that will include my Monday morning musings on the D-League, Great Britain and ... swag (in case the title didn't make that clear).

NBA Lockout: Cherokee Parks Is Back In Basketball, Ending Eight-Year Retirement

Cherokee Parks played his last NBA game for the Golden State Warriors on December 17, 2003. Since then, the 38-year-old has been out of professional basketball ... until now.

NBA Players Overseas Experiences Could Be Unsightly During NBA Lockout

NBA players going overseas has been discussed more than I previously thought humanly possible prior to the NBA lockout, but a recent incident in the Philippines brought up another thing American players might have to worry about during their European experiences.

If Kobe Bryant Nixes Turkey, The Rochester RazorSharks Are Waiting For Him

Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player so it makes sense that he's looking for opportunities to practice his craft for the upcoming season even after the NBA has locked him out. In fact, the Los Angeles Laker is rumored to be meeting with Besiktas this weekend to talk about playing in Turkey next season.

NFL Free Agency: Matt O'Donnell Will Play Football, Not Basketball

With the NBA lockout trudging on, it has been decided that Ridiculous Upside will cover football -- particularly NFL free agency -- until the two sides are able to come to an amicable agreement. Media darling Matthew O'Donnell will be the first topic up for discussion, of course.

The Utah Flash Are Gone From The D-League

The Utah Flash will not play in the NBA Development League next season. The Flash had been affiliated with the Atlanta Hawks and the nearby Utah Jazz, but since the Jazz were unwilling to partner with the team, there weren't many other options to keep the team afloat.

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