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No Entry: Summer League With Sean Banks, Part II

image via www.nba.com The following is the second part of a three part series following Sean Banks at the Las Vegas Summer League. Part 1 is available here.   Sean Banks is determined.  I talk...

Breaking The Ceiling: Summer League with Elton Brown, Part III

via www.nba.com The following is part two in a three part series on Elton Brown at the 2008 Las Vegas Summer League. Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.     Elton Brown is a tired...

Nuggets! Rockets! Overtime!

The Nuggets and Rockets were the nightcap.  Both teams featured the most D-League talent at the Summer League.  Both teams played terrific, and it's been an absolutely great game. Dorsey has...

RU in Vegas: Day 1 Thoughts, Bobcats-Pistons, and Raptors-Lakers

I'm a D-League blogger. I cover the D-league.  I love the D-League.  So I'm used to mediocre basketball and being able to spin it in a positive way.  And I think a lot of times the media's been off...

Breaking The Ceiling: Summer League with Elton Brown Part I

via www.nba.com/dleague/colorado   Elton Brown looks terrifying on the floor.  In person?  He's like a teddy bear.  A big friendly teddy bear that you're kind of concerned will eat you. A...

Vegas Summer League Day 2 Numbers

I didn't catch day 2's action.  Not for lack of want-to.  But the buffering rate on the livestream from NBA.com comes through my laptop like it's being broadcast by HAM radio.  You know how...

Boom Tho No Go

Ben Couch talked to Rod Benson who had a suspicious DNP in today's Summer League game. Turns out he's got a sprained MCL. He's going to tray and go Monday, but that's just not a good sign for...

SBNation Goes To Summer League

We'll be out there starting next Friday, but some of us have already headed out to Sin City. We'll keep track of them here.   In particular, make sure to check out BrewHoop, who's not only out...

Vegas Summer League Day 1 Thoughts

I hate to start with a complaint, but I'd hate more to end with one. Lakers-Pistons? Mavericks-Clippers? Really?  Look, this is Summer League, fellas.  The hardcores are watching this. Your...

The Boys of Summer: Vegas Summer League Primer

Fantastic! Guys with no discernible skills outside of athleticism and length!  Sloppy ball! D-Leaguers everywhere! Sweet Jesus-On-A-Pogo-Stick, I'm in heaven! The summer league is pretty much...

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