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John Wall, Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner - Remember 2010?

Taking a retrospective look at when the Sixers could have drafted John Wall.

Jennings on Rubio: He's All Hype

In this era of handlers, publicists and agents really helping to craft the answers that players give to the media, canned answers have become the standard. Brandon Jennings doesn't appear to be...

The NBA Draft Limit: You Might Be Overstating the Case There, Sir.

As Sean Deveney pointed out earlier, a cursory survey of the ten best players in these Finals makes a case against any kind of age limit. Mike DeCourcy sees otherwise, but I've got to side with...

Who's Your Daddy, Stephen Curry?

The hoops bloodlines in the Curry family are pretty well known to, well, everyone at this point. From the initial breakout during the 2008 NCAA Tournament that featured numerous shots of proud...

The Fixup: Death to the Lottery

↵The Fixup is an erratic series dedicated to the principle that broke or not, you should fix it anyway. Herein you'll find The Sporting Blog's stern suggestions to improve sports on the...

Griffin back and ready to go

Blogger So Dear profiles the LA Clippers power forward

Achieving Peace by Remembering the Past: The 2009 StR Draft Thread

I was making my plans on how to experience this year's draft, and I decided to find out approximately when the actual picks start being made by reviewing last year's draft thread. In addition to answering my initial question (it appears that the clock starts on the first pick at 4:30), it was fascinating and often hilarious reliving last year's draft through the eyes of StR (I missed the live thread last year). In a strange way, reviewing the roller coaster of anticipation, excitement, jubilation, horror, disbelief, skepticism, and various coping methods left me feeling even more excited for this year's draft but also less nervous. I've been telling myself that I'll be okay with whoever Geoff chooses, but I think this is the first time that I've actually felt it. I also plucked from this thread my new sig line, spoken by one great philosopher and retold by another.

Tyreke Evans to Be Named 2009-2010 NBA Rookie of the Year- Congrats to Tyreke + Stephen Curry

Sactown Royalty is reporting that Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans has beaten out Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry for the 2009-2010 NBA Rookie of the Year award. Both rookies has a fantastic season.

Your Rookie-Sophomore Gamethread!

Yes! It's a live Rookie-Sophomore game thread. Don't ever question our dedication.

Conversation with and Talk by Daryl Morey

Dreamshake conversation with Rockets GM Daryl Morey

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