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San Jose Earthquakes lose defender Bobby Burling to the Montreal Impact in the 2011 MLS Expansion Draft


With the fourth pick in the MLS Expansion Draft, the Montreal Impact selected San Jose Earthquakes defender Bobby Burling. The 27-year old starting centerback just completed his fifth season in...

San Jose Earthquakes predictably protect offensive players ahead of MLS Expansion Draft


With the Montreal Impact set to join MLS in 2012, the league will conduct an Expansion Draft early Wednesday to officially transfer the rights to ten current MLS players. In an effort to keep the...

Who is Clarence Goodson, and why MLS should care


Clarence Goodson. Pat Noonan. Jay Needham. These are all players who could be playing in MLS now but chose other leagues instead. CLS columnist Pete Ratajczak hopes MLS knows why.

And in the 2011 Expansion Draft the first pick... FUUUUFUUDSOAJFDLASDJFASDL


OK, let me start by saying that there was no single way that this would not have sucked. The one parallel universe where neither team touched any of the Sounders doesn't exist, mostly because...

Unprotected List


Sounders FC UNPROTECTED list: Baudet Boss Earls Estrada Gonzalez Graham Ianni Levesque Marshall Montano Nkufo Noonan Nyassi Scott Seamon Sturgis Wahl

Does This Break Anyone Else's Heart?


Spotted this on the "Who Are Ya?" T-shirt site. Check it out. Philadelphia Union colors. Sigh. This was supposed to be done in Rave Green. (Still not over the expansion draft. I think this is...

The Post Where We Let Ourselves Grieve Over Losing Séba


If you're stopping by here to say that things could have been worse in the expansion draft, and that Sébastien Le Toux's salary wasn't justified by his production, and that it won't be that hard to...

And in the Expansion Draft We Lose...


We lose Sebastien Le Toux. I am crushed. I have nothing else to say. (Photo: Rod Mar)

Who Does Our Philly Blogger Think His Team Will Take?


Educated guesses from Andrew at our Philadephia Union site on who's going to go from the expansion draft. Yes, he thinks they'll take our beloved James Riley. (Editorial comment: NOOOOO!!!!!) G...

Expansion Draft Time. Who Are Our Unprotected Players?


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!! That's the sound of my maternal area imploding as I see some of my favorite players left off this list of players protected for the expansion draft. Alonso, Osvaldo Evans,...

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