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Draft Thread '08

The 2008 NBA Draft is about an hour away. This here is your thread for comments on the Knicks pick, both before and after it's made. The poll below shows that most P&T users are looking for O.J....

Draft Day: The P&T Draft Board

The days of speculation and discussion are now past us. The day of truth has arrived. Now that we've dissected every prospect and had dreams of each lighting up the Garden, marching the Knicks to...

SBNation Mock Draft, Pick #14: Golden State Warriors

With the fourteenth pick in the 2008 SBNation NBA Mock Draft, the Golden State Warriors, represented by Golden State of Mind , select...   DeAndre Jordan, Center, Texas A&M University. 7-0,...

Early Entry Withdrawal Update: Galinari Haters, Light Your Torches

Draft Express has the update  on the early withdrawals and despite rumors, Galinari has decided to stay in. So has CDR, but Lawson has predictably headed back to college. We'll have a post on the...

Morning Coffee Endorses Tom Osborne

DJ Augustin continues to impress suitors. One of the myths about NBA Draft prospects - most recently promulgated over at Barking Carnival - is the over-emphasis on a player's height, be it with...

Workouts To Begin Tomorrow

Frank Isola has the list of the first invites to work out privately for the Knicks. The guys stopping by tomorrow are as follows: Joe Alexander (junior F, 6-8, 230, West Virginia), Chase...

Cleveland At 19: The Rush Argument

via farm4.static.flickr.com     Waiting For Next Year has a rundown  of where the Cavs sit in this draft. It's got a good rundown on popular picks, as well as an analysis of what the...

Know the Prospect: Jerryd Bayless

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) Our pre-draft profiling of some lottery prospects continues today with a look at Arizona guard Jerryd Bayless. The Basics: Bayless is listed at 6'3'', and...

NBA Draft Odds- Let's Gamble On The Lunacy of GMs

Logans.com (via Covers.com ) has an article laying out the odds on the #1 overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. So just in case you feel like laying some money down on what Paxson will do, you can. ...

What the Hornets Need

It's virtually undebatable that the Hornets are on the cusp of reaching the Finals. What can put us over the top? I like our starting 5 a lot. CP3 is God, DX is our guy for the next decade, The...

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