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D-League Notes 10.11.08

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There's a ton of D-League stuff out, so let's keep this fast and loose.


  • This isn't pillow talk. Hammond, at a preseason Bucks game in La Crosse, came out and said that if the Bucks decided to pursue a D-League affiliate for ownership, they'd place it in La Crosse. Bear in mind, this is the same team that got assigned to Fort Wayne along with two other teams and who has shown a significant investment in the D-League. Mark it 8, dude, La Crosse is officially in play.
  • I'm putting together a larger story on the D-League salary situation, but I should mention (and should have mentioned earlier but sources are slow) Reed's blog regarding the salary situation.While the year-long extrapolation is irrelevant (it's not like the D-League runs year-long), I see where he's coming from. The long-term investment is something that the league has to push hard to agents in order to get them to do anything but tell their clients to invest. But with Mike Taylor making an impact along with Amundson and other D-Leaguers in preseason play, this could be a turning point in the struggle with Europe, especially with the diving Euro and the economic issues that are going to make moving abroad a scarier prospect.
  • Louis Amundson, former D-League rookie of the year, poured in 12 points in the Suns' opener. That will go far to getting him the 15 spot but he's got to keep it up.
  • Blake Ahearn, 17 points, 3 assists. Hmm? What's that? 40% shooting? Can't hear you.
  • NBA 09 Inside features the D-League. This is a huge step for the league in getting national attention, and puts it even further in the national spotlight.
  • Looking for a gig?
  • Randy Livingston took a gig with the Stampede.
  • Apparently Del Negro is a fan of the D.
  • Finally, please, please, please go check out Ryan McNeil's tragic attempt at the D-League open tryouts. I'll have notes from Austin's tryouts soon, but Ryan actually got video. Props to him. Ryan had more guts than I did to go do what the D-League asked me to do.