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The 2008 D-League Draft Order

Here's the order for the 2008 D-League Draft.


1. Tulsa 66ers

2. Colorado 14ers

3. Idaho Stampede

4. Sixou Falls Skyforce

5. Bakersfield Jam

6. Ft. Wayne Mad Ants

7. Erie Bayhawks

8. Anaheim Arsenal

9. Utah Flash

10. Reno Bighorns

11. Dakota Wizards

12. Rio Grand Valley Vipers

13. Los Angeles Defenders

14. Albuquerque Thunderbirds

15. Iowa Energy

16. Austin Toros


Okay, so here's how this shakes out. 

  • First off, Iowa Energy? Screeeewed. Small market, low income-base, 15th pick. Ouch. 
  • The 14ers are going to be good. Again. If they can just keep their guys from jumping in February, they should be in the playoffs again.
  • Idaho 3rd? Oh, that's just brutal. Raptors may end up sending Jawai down (if they're smart), Portland always uses the D-League well, they have a great fanbase, great facilities, and now the 3rd pick in the draft. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go ahead and pencil them into the title game, thanks. 
  • Rio Grande Valley: Exceeding low expectations caused by fate since 2006.
  • Bet you'd love for me to tell you who's in the draft, huh? Maybe do a mock draft? Fat chance. Here's how it works. The league waits until all the camps are done and the teams have made their final cuts and solidified their rosters. Then the D-League swoops in and in about three days signs anyone they can get their hands on to a contract, under the paradigm that these guys were "this close" to making an NBA roster. The league signs them to a contract, then teams can draft them to pick up the rights to that contract. Also, even if they do sign someone early, the League can't release it, because it would boost their value and they could conceivably lose out to a European team. So essentially, I have no clue who's going to be in the league. Whee! No, this system isn't broke-ass at all. Why do you ask?