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D-League President Is Totally Our BFF

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Great interview with the Prez (we'll hopefully have one next month as part of our D-League season preview. Once we know, you know, who's playing where.) over at ESPN The Mag today. He totally gave us a shoutout! He's dreamy. We totally think he'll ask us to prom and we will sooo say yes.


Some interesting notes:


  • He mentions a possible shift in the playoff format where higher seeds would actually pick the teams they'd play.  How kickass is that? Here's a hint: If Dakota or Sioux Falls gets a top seed, they'll immediately answer: "NOT (SIOUX FALLS OR DAKOTA)."
  • He refines the salaries and Europe question a little better than I think he did in his blog, honestly. I'm working on a piece about salaries I hope to have done in the next few weeks, but it's a pretty complicated issue. He does a good job here and this should be his "platform" so to speak. Don't worry about trying to rationalize the pay or extrapolate it over the year. Just focus on the fact that more guys make it to the L from the D than Europe. That's the bread and butter. No one grows up in this country saying "Someday, I want to play for Olympiakos."
  • Great job by Reed of sticking with the support of blogging. Making the players accessible makes them interesting and real without a solid TV contract.
  • Again,  he's our BFF. We're getting matching bracelets and everything.