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Blake Ahearn, the best basketball player to not have a guaranteed contract going into the NBA season, is still this way, as he was just released by the Timberwolves.  Hopefully the Timberwolves did this as a service to him and put him on waivers so he could be put on a team that could better utilize his skills, as Minnesota obviously wasn't able to do that, bringing him in for 37 seconds in his last game so he could pass the ball in.  Ahearn is a shooter.  He's been a shooter in college, he's been a shooter in the D-League, he's going to be a shooter in the NBA.  Bring the ball up the court, get Ahearn open, and let him put the ball in the basket.  If he's not open, make sure he still gets the ball, let him get fouled, and put him at the line for the two points guaranteed. Thanks.