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Man, there have been a lot of words written about Nick The Freak in the last day or so.

Nick gets cut by the Nuggets, because, you know, Nene is the only backup they need for KMart, really, and because George Karl has gotten to the point where he can't coach his way out of a box. 

Dave Berri of Wages of Wins is kind of like "Um...guys? No really, ... guys?!"

The Reno Gazette spoke with Bighorns owner David Kahn who says he's talked with Fazekas about coming on.

I'm beginning to wonder if the entire problem with Fazekas is that he just doesn't practice well. Because if you put him in the game, 5 out of 8 times you're going to get production. Which is about 3 more times than your average bench player. So I figure he just has to suck horribly in practice.

It's weird because the numbers add up for him. And the fans like him. And the pundits like him. And the scouts like him. But no one will sign him. Meanwhile, the Clippers are paying Paul Davis and Tim Thomas lots and lots of money. Got it.