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Scott "Gates" Roth Overtakes Jeff "Nightmare Ant" Potter

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Lately we've been busy trying to find out everything we can about the D-League for this upcoming season.  Though nothing is being announced about who's going to be in the draft, there are some likely candidates that I'd like to look at and highlight the next few days.  While looking for any details on the upcoming season, I found the Fort Wayne Mad Ants President Jeff Potter's most recent blog update (My thoughts in the post right underneath this). Potter was tied with D-League President Dan Reed as the most accessible, tech-savvy person-in-power currently in the D-League.  

Until NOW.

Bakersfield head coach Scott Roth is doing some video-podcasting (last couple paragraphs here) this year.  I had never even heard of this, but Scott "Gates" Roth (as friends apparently call him) should give us a pretty good look at how the D-League operates as it seems like his plan is to do a sort-of press conference once a week.  

So far the topics have included Roth's:

  • Time this summer coaching the Dominican Republic team with Al Horford and Francisco Garcia (Mosquitos bigger than you.. Really Coach? 6-foot-8, 240 pound mosquitos?)
  • Time spent at the New Orleans Hornets training camp where the Hornet's apparently have the hardest training camps in the NBA and featured a couple possible D-League guys: Jared Jordan and Courtney Sims.
  • Pretty generic rundown of their local camp where they turned in five players to the league office that might have the opportunity in the D-League
  • Thoughts on the D-League team meetings, including their learning that the Jam are picking 5th overall. Hopefully, unlike last seasons Jam Coach Jim Harrick, he remembers to make this pick, as there should be some quality guys here.
  • Thoughts on this years D-League draft.  Sounds like the D-League has about 140 guys in the available player pool and he and assistant coach Deane Martin are "doing their homework and investigations" on all the players in the draft.

This will be interesting to follow.  I encourageither go to the site mentioned or open up your itunes and search Scott Roth in the podcast section to check it out .