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Now for the D-League Guys Take on the Draft

Coach Roth and Vance Palms, Bakersfield's VP of Communications, Grade their draft, which was held at Buck Owens Crystal Palace (which sounds amazing), an A or a B.  While it's tough to really know how good anybody's draft was at this stage, I would concur that there draft was a solid B, as their first five picks all seem like they have a pretty good shot at making the league, if not the Jam.  Also, I'd like to give a shout out to Vance, who calls up a  "Highly respected" blog!

President Potter also gave us his take on the Mad Ants draft over on his blog.  Though he didn't put a letter grade on the draft, he felt like they filled their needs, and with 4 guys coming back, that's a solid start.  Potter's Mad Ants are also getting some pub around the internet after TrueHoop mentioned Coleman Collin's mishap with the deer Friday night.  

TrueHoop has been doing a lot of good stuff on the D-League lately, starting Friday with an interview with Chris Alpert, and then an interview with former D-League stud Mike Taylor, now with the Clippers.  Props to Kevin Arnovitz, whose been filling in for Henry Abbott recently.