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Holy Trades, Batman!

Camp's haven't even started yet and this seasons already become exciting.  Over the past couple of days, three trades have been announced.

Dontell Jefferson (Dakota) for Denham Brown (Utah) -- This trade fills a need for both teams and I honestly don't know who got the better deal.  Utah needed experience and to solidy their backcourt, and Dontell, over the past two seasons, has been a solid D-League player and already has a D-League championship.  Denham Brown will is a great player with NBA experience and will be either the best sixth man in the D-League or an excellent insurance policy if Renaldo Major, who didn't play at all last season following heart surgery, isn't healthy.

Dwayne Mitchell (Iowa) for Patrick Sanders (Los Angeles) -- Wow is LA strong.  With Dwayne Mitchell, Joe Crawford, and Brandon Heath, they have three solid players that were in LA camp.  Patrick Sanders is a rookie out UC-Irvine, where he averaged 15 points a game last season.

Keith Closs (Tulsa) for Antoine Jordan (Idaho) -- I love Keith Closs.  Apparently Brandon Barnett and the 66ers do not.  Antoine Jordan was a fourth round pick  that averaged 13 points playing in the Netherlands last season.  I would rather have K-Closs who could average three blocks a game while he smokes cigarettes on the bench.