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Allocations Aplenty!

Well, we've already got the big news out -- Blake Ahearn gets called up to the Spurs. Spurs win. Coincidence? No.

Since cuts probably won't be made for a couple days in the D-League camps, we'll look at some guys we haven't talked about in those camps, the allocations.

My boys in Bakersfield have got an early Thanksgiving present from Coach Nelson at Golden State, receiving his opening night point guard, DeMarcus Nelson, and a big 4 in Richard Hendrix.  See, I'd call it an early Christmas present, but I'm assuming they'll get one of those as well, as rumor is up to SEVEN NBA guys could see time with Coach Roth and Deane Martin down in Bakersfield. Bakersfield, from Cellar to Stellar, write it down. 

 Fella's get back to me on what your starting lineup looks right now, but this is my guess.  Mateen running the point, Jeff Trepagnier at the 2, Terrance Thomas at the 3, Richard Hendrix at the 4 and Nick Lewis at the 5?  That would have an NBA guy coming off the bench (Which isn't likely, but did happen to McRobert's in Idaho last year) and Trey Johnson as well, who was a last cut of the Suns.  I see a trade coming, Trey for a legit 5.  

That is unless David Hefferhoffer as Coach Roth so eloquently referred to him in his most recent podcast, can keep playing well.  Come on Vance, as VP of Communications, I'm putting it on you to get Coach to say the right names.  The podcast was also brought to us by San Joaquin hospital, which is helping Coach Roth get as svelte as possible (Love that word Vance, if only you could have helped Roth on the names!)  

I should also point out that the Toros got the Big Yawn, Ian Mahinmi, and Utah got JR Giddens.  I expect both of those teams to get plenty more help as well, same as last season.