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DakotaWiz No More

Two of the Dakota Wizards most famous RidiculousUpside alumni have changed a bit over the past week.

First, we'll get to the one that will impact you all the most.  Well probably not, but since I'm writing this...  Due to formerly having a potentially biased name before, I have decided to change my name from DakotaWiz to Ridiculous Scott.  I am not a member of the Dakota Wizards, just grew up in Bismarck and, as this was a D-League blog and I joined as a fan, I decided to rep my state.  I no longer live in Bismarck however, so thought I'd better switch it up.

The other news has been covered fairly well, and that is that Blake Ahearn also is no longer a DakotaWiz, but rather a SASpur.  He came to Bismarck to relive the glorious life of a Dakota Wizard, got off the plane, got on the phone, got on the same plane (Now headed to Denver), got on a new plane to get to Sacramento, and sat on the bench.  No worries, Blake was on the team, Spurs win, same old story.

Tonight though, they brought Blake off the bench for a glorious 4 minutes and 9 seconds.  Blake responded with showing just how great the D-League is.  First, he turned the ball over, but to Mike Taylor, he of D-League fame.  Then, he missed a 3, but Tim Duncan got the board, rotated it to Bruce Bowen and Bruce Bowen is obviously a big fan of RidiculousUpside, as he knows what to do when Blake Ahearn is on the court -- Get Blake the Ball!  He responded, of course, by nailing the 3. After that, he was subbed for George Hill, but I'd say he had a pretty succesful day.  He boarded a plane to Bismarck getting ready for another D-League season Saturday, and by the time he got off that plane, he was headed to the NBA.  Three days later, his new NBA team has two wins, and he  has 3 points.  Count it.

P.S. The Spurs have not lost a game while Blake Ahearn has been on their bench.  Coincidence.

Also, don't worry Too Much about the Wizards.  I think help may be on it's way.