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Ahearn's +/- Astounding

Just a quick little blurb on everyone's favorite Ahearn:

Blake played six minutes tonight down in San Antonio and Dominated!  Well, actually, he missed his only shot from the field, BUT he made both of his free throws.  Plus, he showed he can D up!

He stole the ball from Chauncy Billups AND he had a +/- of +9.  Is this great? No.  Did it lead the Spurs? Yes.  Did he outplay fellow backup point guard Jacque Vaughn? Yes, but Vaughn's from Kansas, so his -15 shouldn't be a big surprise.  Good thing is, this makes me think his defense is improving.  Since Billups was still on the floor, you can't really disqualify Blake's minutes as garbage time, as they came while defending against one of the better point guards in the league.  While he won't last with San Antonio once they get healthy, it will be interesting where he heads next...

Blake Ahearn could be this years version of Bobby Jones!