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Hurray!! Every Team Has A Coaching Staff! (Maybe)

Anaheim and Reno have, in the past week, signed their assistants, as Paul Mokeski has joined Anaheim and Reno hired three assistants.  Here's a look at the coaching staffs that have changed in the league this year:


Albuquerque, after the signing of Jeff Ruland by the Sixers, Albuquerque made the decision to go with John Coffino, Ruland's assistant for the past three seasons.  Coach Coffino's assistants are former NBA players Darvin Ham, who was the TBirds first round pick last year, and Dean Garrett, who retired with Golden State in 2002.


Anaheim brought back Sam Vincent, who was the head coach of the NBA's Bobcats last year, and former D-League head coach, most recently with Fort Worth during the '05-06 season.  His assistant will be Paul Mokeski, who was an assistant under Vincent last season with the Bobcats, and all-around stud.


Bakersfield underwent a head coaching change mid-season last year when Jim Harrick retired and they brought Scott Roth in from the Bucks staff.  This year, Roth is still around, and has added Dean Martin as an assistant, who was also involved with the Bucks during Roth's time there.  Martin was with the Dakota Wizards last season as an assistant coach.


After Head Coach Joe Wolf got called up to the Bucks in the offseason (Wow, Milwaukee sure loves the D-League), the 14ers have hired Bob MacKinnon as head coach.  He was most recently a scout with the Lakers and an assistant with the Marshall basketball team.  I am under the assumption that Casey Owens remains the teams assistant.


The Wizards and Head Coach Duane Ticknor, after Dean Martin moved on to the Jam, hired former Wizards player and assistant Kevin Rice.  Rice is highly regarded and helped the Wizards to a championship while they were in the IBA.


The Bayhawks hired John Treloar, most recently an assistant with LSU and also a former head coach in the CBA.  Coach Treloar's assistant will be Ben McDonald, who was last coaching under Mike Davis in Indiana, from 2001-2004, with Treloar also assisting Davis.


Idaho's on-court leader for the last few seasons, Randy Livingston, retired from leading the players on the court and will join Coach Brian Gates on the bench this season.  Former Tulsa assistant Joel Abelson has also joined Coach Gates' staff.


Reno hired Jay Humphries as its head coach.  Humphries was an assistant with the Suns last season.  They've also hired three assistants: Tom Abatemarco, an assistant with the WNBA's Monarchs the past three seasons, Jason Glover, who last coached in 2004 at Dixie College, and Todd Okeson, who graduated from Nevada-Reno in 2004.

Rio Grande Valley

The Vipers hired Clay Moser as their head coach.  Moser was most recently an advance scout for the Orlando Magic.  RGV's assistant will be Robert Pack, who had a 13-year NBA career.


Tulsa hired Paul Woolpert from the defuct Yakama Sun Kings of the CBA, where he was coach of the year for the past two seasons.  Tulsa's assistant is also from the CBA, as Greg Minor was the assistant coach for the Lawton-Fort Sill Cavalry, CBA champions.