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Seriously.. Can We Speed This Week Up?

So, three days until Friday and not too much new information coming to me that can actually come out.  I guess we'll look at some other things that can affect the draft, and since nothing is out on who will be allocated (Though hopefully this comes out soon), I guess for now I'll look at something else that can affect teams a team draft: Possible guys that could be sent down for assignment.

The D-League has done the legwork for me and put up a list of everyone that could get assigned, but we all know that there's not much chance for Derrick Rose or Mike Beasley to make a cameo in Iowa or Albuquerque.

The first guy that's confirmed for the D-League is Sonny Weems, as George Karl reiterated that to the Rocky Mountain News today.  Though he's been hampered with a sports hernia and strained groin, it's good to see that Denver is planning to use the D-League with their younger players.  With Broomfield close, makes a lot of sense to send him to the D-League until healthy and needed.

Anaheim could do well in the assignment department, as Atlanta's Othello Hunter and Thomas Gardner both haven't seen any minutes yet and would be great D-League prospects.  DeAndre Jordan could get some action too, as he is a big man with the Clippers that needs to see the floor to develop.

Austin, once again, will more than likely fare well with the assignments, as as soon as they bought the Toros, they started rotating the players.  Ian Mahinmi could keep playing in the D-League if the Spurs big men stay healthy.  Last year D-Leaguers Desmon Farmer and Anthony Tolliver could also be assigned, along with first round pick George Hill if he hasn't solidified a rotation spot by the time Manu gets back from his injury.

Bakersfield could have quite the crop of assigned players as well if Golden State would like to help out Coach Roth and Co.  Richard Hendrix, Anthony Morrow, and even though Marco Belinelli wasn't assigned last season, they would all benefit from some solid playing time in the D-League. Add the possibility of first rounf pick Courtney Lee from Orlando and they could put together a pretty decent assigned team.

Dakota could once again be the spot for a talented guy overseas to get a taste of D-League action, a la Martynas Andriuskevicius, though hopefully if Hamed Haddadi gets assigned (as the Grizzlies have recently said they would consider Haddadi, but probably not Jarvaris Crittenton), he stays healthy and thrives in Dakota. Another possible option would be Oleksiy Pecherov from the Wizards, but with Haywood out, this is less likely, as he's technically a center.

Erie could see J.J. Hickson out of NC State and Darnell Jackson out of Kansas and Jawad Williams from Cleveland. If they get two of them, they won't have to worry about bigs.

Fort Wayne, after locking up THREE affiliates, could get four NBA-caliber guys: Alex Acker and Will Bynum from Detroit, Roy Hibbert and Josh McRoberts from Indiana.

Idaho will hopefully see Nicolas Batum from Portland, as he has potential but isn't NBA-caliber yet, at least from what I saw at Summer League.  From Toronto, Hassan Adams, Nathan Jawai and Will Solomon could all use cameos in Boise.

Iowa could have another dose of Demetris Nichols from the Bulls and probably some smattering of Sean Singletary and some more Alando Tucker.

Los Angeles will probably see Sun Yue.  I know nothing about him. Is Sun or Yue on the back of his jersey?

Reno probably won't get too much help from their affiliates as Summer League Sensation Bobby Brown might be Reno's only New Edition from the NBA.

Rio Grande Valley hopefully sees Joey Dorsey.  Really hoping so.  I haven't seen him in action since he got kicked out of a Summer League game. It's a shame that happened during supper time and I only got to witness the aftermath.

Sioux Falls could see big man Alexis Ajinca, though they might need the extra big man while Sean May "struggles with his fitness".  

Tulsa might get a look at Kyle Weaver and DJ White, where it'd be smart to bring him down in a sort of rehab role if he gets healthy in time.

Utah, I'm not really sure of.  Will Mo Almond and Fesenko spend their seasons in Orem? Who knows.  Will Doc Rivers keep with the vets and send a couple of his guards down like JR Giddens and Bill Walker? Kosta Koufos should more than likely get a suite at the local Orem hotel, as he's got some developing to do.  Sidenote -- When did Billy Walker change his name to Bill Walker? Reminds of Billy Heywood from Little Big League, when he all of a sudden starts doing press conferences referring to himself in third person as "A Bill Heywood".