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This Week is Getting Faster...

Today the D-League has put out a post on some of the players in the pool labeled "Top Prospects".  If this is any indication, the D-League is going to be old.  I'll give a run down of some of the top prospects of these top prospects, and then follow up later with some of the others guy we've confirmed.

Larry Ayuso -- Ayuso is a stud.  Or at least was.  When I alluded to the "veteran that's been overseas and wants to give it one last shot", Ayuso is who I was talking about. He hasn't played in the NBA, and is currently 31.  He's been in camp, but usually goes overseas.  He's probably best known for playing on the Puerto Rican national team.

Alpha Bangura -- Another guy with a wealth of experience, none of it being in the NBA.  He's 28 years old, and most remembered, by myself at least, as playing for Sioux Falls in the CBA on a STACKED team that included Corsley Edwards, Jerome Beasley, John Thomas, Randy Livingston, Courtney James, and little David Bailey in the 2004-05 season, when he averaged 18 points and 9 boards.

Geno Carlisle -- 32 year-old out guard out of Cal.  Can shoot, but doesn't work to do too much else.  Last played in the USA in the CBA where he averaged 12 points and 3 assists.  Last season, he played in Turkey where he averaged 11 points and under 2 assists, shooting just 30% from Euro-deep.

Kris Clark -- Never heard of Kris, but he comes out of Utah State, so I believe, because you know who else is out of Utah State?  Kevin Rice, assistant coach of the Wizards. If he's not allocated to Utah, might the Big Blue alumni meet?

Gary Forbes -- Finally, a guy I can get excited about.  The A-10 Player of the Year out of UMass, he's destined to be good in the D-League, because Stephane Lasme was last years A-10 Player of the Year, and he got called up! Forbes also looked really good with Washington this this summer and at the Portsmouth Invite.

Alton Ford -- Ford and another player in the draft, Antonio Meeking, will be competing this season for girthiest few-inches-shorter-than-listed big man in the league.  He thought it was a good decision to come out after one year at Houston where he averaged 10 points and 6 boards, was a late 2nd round draft pick, got hurt a lot and has been touring overseas with about 6 teams over the last 5 years.

Gavin Grant -- Another guy that I'm excited about.  Looks like he can play some ball.  As a rookie, that helps.  Seems to like to throw the ball down hard and plays good defense, so will definitely be picked as one of the first rookies in the draft.

Russell Robinson -- I guess I should give this guy some love, as he was a national champion last year.  A consistent pass-first point guard that can play defense is what's good about him.   His inability to shoot and his 6'1 stature are the negatives.  Will be a solid rookie in the D-League.