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And It's Over...

Well, the draft is over and went pretty much as planned.  I was most surprised that Marcus Malone lasted until the last round and that players like Derrick Dial and Mike Peeples, guys that the team didn't retain, got drafted by their former teams anyway.  Good stuff.

Couple quick hits and rumors (My thoughts on the draft coming tomorrow):

Denham Brown has been traded to the Wizards for Dontell Jefferson.

Keith Closs will be changing teams, though I'm not sure to which.

Richard Hendrix will spend the majority of his time in the D-League this season with Bakersfield.

Hammed Haddadi, the 7-2 Iranian center for Memphis, will more than likely join Dakota for the beginning of the season.

"Moments after" the Mad Ants called Coleman Collins to let him know he was their first round pick, he hit a deer.  With his car. He must have been really excited to become a Mad Ant!