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Around The League Updates

I know this is going to make people nervous to see so many updates (Two in one day!), but I watched the Wizards game tonight (on Futurecast) so I thought I'd try getting in an update on that, among other things.

First of all, as you've probably noticed in the post below, we've got a new blogger. Ben Renz, going to school at IPFW (GO MASTODONS!), will be helping out with the blog as everyone's becoming busy.  Usually, he'll be focusing on the Mad Ants.  Already, I noticed tonight, he got some accolades from the one and only Jeff Potter!  Ben's also talked about how Bakersfield is still good, minus Richard Hendrix, who I'll get to in a minute, and DeMarcus Nelson, so hopefully Vance Palm and crew are happy with that, as they talked last week about not getting any love from the blog(s? --Are there any others that cover the D-League?)  because they had those two.  Now, they've got their love.  Hopefully they're happy with that, even though they lost to the sneaky Erie Bayhawks tonight.

Now Random Thoughts:

  • The Bayhawks are an interesting team, hanging tough in the Central Division, which probably has more talent, top to bottom, than the other two divisions.  Though they seem to be lacking on everything on paper (height, talent, etc), they've been playing well, starting 6-8 Erik Daniels at center.  They remind me of some of these ABA-CBA games I've seen up in Minot (Skyrockets, represent!).  They come in shorter, and without as much talent on paper, then go to town as the scrappy, hustling team they are and pull out victories.
  • The Southwest Division, featuring Albuquerque and Tulsa, two of the worst teams in the league, is 28-33 on the season, winning just 46% of their games.  Rio Grande is struggling, losing to the Wizards tonight by 23 points.  The Vipers, who used to have a pretty good blog (hasn't been updated since halftime of the game the Wizards played down there), are struggling mightily, despite the talent on the team.  They've got two of the better NBA point guard prospects in Jared Jordan and Smush Parker. lThey also have Alpha Bangura and Alton Ford who are proven vets, and now with Joey Dorsey, they should be a very good team.  They aren't.  Tulsa is the same way, as Ronald Dupree and Chris Richard should be able to win games themselves, but I'm going to give them a pass, as they've had just four home games so far this season.  Albuquerque however, is not getting a pass from me.  They've got to shake things up again, as they're currently nearing unwatchability.  When the T-Birds go to Bismarck, I probably won't spend the $20 in gas to get down there and watch them.  Even if it is a Saturday and my alternative is checking up on how Luke Schenscher's doing in Australia (Really good, for the record).
  • Reno is very selfish.  They broke the record for most guys playing for themselves this season.  Watching them last weekend, I was sick.  Majic Dorsey, Damone Brown, and Antonio Meeking on the floor at the same time should not happen.  Add in Pat Ewing Jr., and you've got yourself a certifiable disaster.  Good players, terrible teammates.  Jay Humphries would probably like to go back overseas right about now.  Heck, he probably wouldn't mind coming up here to the Minot Skyrockets to assist former teammate Mike Sanders!
  • Somebody, please call up Courtney Sims.  He is too good.  He looks like he's hurting, but seriously, he's fine.  He can play.  He dropped 36 points tonight.  And 16 boards. Three blocks might help? His team has only lost one game.  He's tops in the league in scoring, rebounding, and blocks.  Doesn't anyone need a young big man?
  • Sioux Falls lost two of their most "Love them if they're on your team, hate them if they're not" players over the past week.  First, Chris Alexander went overseas to make some money, then they decided they didn't want David Bailey.  Both have to be disappointing for the Sioux Falls fans.  Is Milone Clark really better for this team than David Bailey? Nate.....? Tony......? Anybody.........?

Wizards Game Thoughts:

  • Dakota added Richard Hendrix.  Hendrix got into Bismarck yesterday.  Tonight, with just a shootaround under his belt with the Wizards, he went off.  23 points, 12 boards, 3 blocks.  Won't be in Dakota long if he keeps that up.
  • Blake Ahearn flirted with a quasi-triple double as well, scoring 26 points on 10-for-18 shooting, 9 assists, but turned the ball over NINE times.  I believe 8 were in the first half.  He is more aggressive in his return to the Wizards.  Unfortunately, he doesn't have the passing prowess/court vision needed.  NBA teams, call him up, but as a shooter off the bench.
  • In the box score, it says Joey Dorsey got T'd up 31 seconds into the game.  He didn't start.  I presume it was much like this incident:
  • Luckily, tonights refs, Tony Crisp and Kevin Cutler, weren't reffing that game too (they reffed quite a few during Summer League (I had the all important job of getting the ref's names)), or we might have a situation on our hands.