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Ridiculous Upside Official Mock Draft V1.0

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Our very first Mock Draft! How exciting! For this one we basically just plugged in our gut instincts on who would be taken where. This lasted for about thirteen seconds, and we'll be posting V1.5 a little later today. For right now, though, this is our starting place.  All Mock Drafts are created by myself and the other primary contributor to this site, Matthew Cornelius.  Review our guide to Mock Drafts for any questions. Feel free to flambé us in the comments.  We're doing the same as everyone else and starting out with Draft Positions based on most likely picks, so, essentially, based on record from last year.

We'll be a long in a little bit with V1.5, along with our first misgivings about 1.0.



Pick Team Selection
1 Miami Heat Derrick Rose
2 Seattle Supersonics Michael Beasley
3 Minnesota Timberwolves O.J. Mayo
4 Memphis Grizzlies Brook Lopez
5 New York Knicks Jerryd Bayless
6 LA Clippers Eric Gordon
7 Milwaukee Bucks Anthony Randolph
8 Charlotte Bobcats Deandre Jordan
9 Chicago Bulls Danilo Galinari
10 New Jersey Nets Kevin Love
11 Indiana Pacers Russell Westbrook
12 Sacramento Kings Darrell Arthur
13 Portland Trailblazers D.J. Augustin
14 Golden State Warriors Donte Greene
15 Phoenix Suns Chris Douglas Roberts
16 Philadelphia 76ers Robin Lopez
17 Toronto Raptors Nicholas Batum
18 Washington Wizards Roy Hibbert
19 Cleveland Cavaliers Brandon Rush
20 Denver Nuggets Kosta Koufos
21 New Jersey Nets Chase Budinger
22 Orlando Magic Richard Hendrix
23 Utah Jazz Joe Alexander
24 Seattle Supersonics JaVal McGee
25 Houston Rockets Mario Chalmers
26 San Antonio Spurs Courtney Lee
27 New Orleans Hornets Wayne Ellington
28 Memphis Grizzlies J.J. Hickson
29 Detroit Pistons Davon Jefferson
30 Boston Celtics Alexis Anjinc