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Ridiculous Upside Official Mock Draft V1.5

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Okay, so here's Version 1.5.  We've adjusted a few things. We're big on Anthony Randolph to the Knicks, because it gives DÁntoni a big man that can run the floor. Which will be nice, since currently, he doesn't have... any.  There are still some question marks we hope will be sorted out by the lottery.  For example, we feel like the Bobcats will opt for a big guy, but the three top small guards (Mayo, Bayless, and Gordon, are going to create some quandries for teams with the dreaded "best player available" curse that causes good front office guys (and Michael Jordan) to make bad decisions.  The concern is that if Gordon doesn't go top 8, there's a chance he could drop to 14, and that just sounds crazy.  But we want to float the idea to you, dear reader. Tuck it away. We're also not big on Koufos to the Warriors, but then again, we're not big on any of the Warriors big men. They could use another guard for depth, but they also did not rebound worth a damn this year. We were certain Richard Hendrix would go to the Magic until Marreese Speights fell. The Pacers pick is so convenient.  If they trade Jermaine O'Neal, they'll need a power forward.  And if they don't trade him, he'll get injured, and they'll need a power forward.  Convenient! Works out so well! Also, just between us, between friends, how sexy is CDR to the Cavs? Just think about that big 6-7 frame lining up on the wing with LeBron on the break.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and feel free to post your own mock draft in the FanPosts!


Ridiculous Upside Mock Draft V1.5 is after the jump.