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Jaren Jackson Officially Takes Over As Head Coach Of Mad Ants

Fort Wayne Assistant Coach Jaren Jackson took over last year when Kent Davison abandoned ship to coach the Qatar National Team.

Okay, once you're past the ridiculousness of that statement, we'll go on.

On Thursday, Jackson was given the job officially.  The Mad Ants posted the second worst record in the D-League last season, but did get Pistons rookie assignment player Cheik Samb valuable playing time and development.  Part of the reason they suffered was the frequent call-up of current Jeremy Richardson, who eventually signed with the Hawks for the rest of the season. With what will probably be a high draft pick and Samb likely to spend another year in development, the Mad Ants could easily make a turnaround.

NOTE: The above picture, surprisingly, is not Jaren Jackson, who actually won a championship in 1999 with the Spurs.  It's Nightmare Ant, the official mascot of the Fort Wayne Mad Ants.  And I will post it at any opportunity I can find.