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Former D-League, CBA, LNBP, And USBL Player Jamario Moon Gets Piznayed

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Jamario Moon essentially could be the poster child for this blog.  The man bounced around from league to league to league.  He's been a Globetrotter, a Kentucky Colonel, a Fort Worth Flyer, an Arkansas Rimrocker (we miss you, Rimrockers !), and a Gary Steelhead. 

You know. A Steelhead .

Well, now, he's an extremely rich former Gary Steelhead.  The Toronto Raptors picked up Moon's option , and will pay him $700,000 next season.  That's probably more than he made between all of his teams prior to joining the Raptors. Moon impressed many, though he hit the rookie wall later in the year.  His odds are pretty good that he won't be rejoining the Oklahoma Storm anytime soon.