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Wolves Assistant GM Taking Small, Fuzzy, Friendly, Inanimate Object To Draft. No, Not Mark Madsen.

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Wolves Assistant GM Fred Hoiberg got to be buds with a pretty sick kiddo over the course of the season.  The kid's gone through some pretty big surgeries, and 100 surgeries total.  Whenever the kid has managed to make it out to a Wolves game, they've won.

So, naturally, Hoiberg is taking his stuffed bear with him to the Lottery .

The only question, really, is whether the bear will be keeping a vigilant, never-blinking eye on the lottery itself, or be in the TV studio, discussing the finer points of getting tossed around the room with Dwyane Wade. 

The Bear's presence is expected to boost the Wolves' odds of landing the number 1 pick to approximately... the exact same as they were before.

But in all honesty, bully to Hoiberg.  I like stories about sports people not being terrible human beings.  Nice way to start the day.