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Top Picks 5.18.08

Draft related posts from around the information superhighway (when exactly did that phrase die? 2002? Earlier?)...


The Charlotte Observer (which has a fantastic NBA section for how weak Bobcats support is) takes a look at the history of the top three pick s in the draft in the last 10 years.

Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley in the Commercial Appeal, on Tuesday's lottery : "I hope I win because if I win I'm going to get up and say they ought to scrap this system."  Way to go, Mike. You just uaranteed you won't be wining the lottery. Kidding. Mostly.

On, Nick Prevenas from has a terrific article about what we think is the most interesting debate of the first round.  OJ Mayo versus Jerryd Bayless

We'll come back to this later, but here's a feature on "Baby Shaq ." Who's 6-8.

Ah, my first Draft Express link.  Expect a TON of them.  This one is about their first workout visit .  Good to hear that Courtney Lee's working on showing off the athleticism.

A look at Wages of Wins' 2007 Draft preview .

In a continuing theme of "players that may have done unethical things in college but are now way beyond caring because of the millions of dollars they'll be getting", here's a look at where things are at with Darrell "Genius" Arthur

Can the Heat "get by" with a mediocre point if the rest of their talent is phenomenal?

Add Joe Wolf, head coach and GM of the Colorado 14ers to the list of D-League coaches to make the jump to the Bigs

Hoiberg says this is a year to move up .  Oh, easy, they can just trade that monster power forward they have that needs to be moved and rebui... oh.

The Orlando Sentinel decides to help out Otis Smith with some offseason decisions .  Unfortunately, their draft list features three players that won't still be around at #22 (Randolph, Hibbert, CDR), one player that they don't need (Rush) and one player that is a reach (Lopez).  Rush isn't a bad choice, but unless they make a trade for a big man (Hakim Warrick, please?!), they have GOT to pick up a power forward.

Please welcome the Detroit Zafir!

A look at how minor leagues may fare in Reno .  A great point, they need to secure an affiliation with a regional NBA team.  But they also need one that's actually committed to the D-League.  Which Golden State has not been.

An example of  the biggest problem facing the D-League: Europe . And when he says "people said I should experience Europe" he means "I could actually make some serious dough over there."

Your SBNation Featured Links:

Clips Nation examines the possibility of a trade for Calderon or Ford .  This is interesting because it allows for the possibility of moving Mobley, which allows the Clippers to justify taking a small guard with their pick.

A terrific look at the Wizards and how Roy Hibbert fits in .  We agree with this analysis. Grab him at 18, don't jump higher to reach. Bullets Forever strikes again.