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The Kelvin Sampson-Eric Gordon Connection?

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Awesome blogger Frank Madden from BrewHoop pointed out something in the comments that I wanted to touch on.

Recently the Bucks hired former Indiana head coach Kelvin Sampson as an assistant coach to Scott Skiles. It's not particularly bizarre, considering less than a month ago former Bucks GM Larry Harris was in Austin visiting Spurs GM RC Buford, who was also entertaining Sampson at an Austin Toros NBA D-League game (Sampson has done consulting work for the Spurs since parting ways with Indiana).

What is interesting is that the Bucks are mathematically likely to get pick #7. The biggest debate in the first 10 picks outside of Rose vs. Beasley is between OJ Mayo, Jerryd Bayless, and Eric Gordon. Since it's also likely Mayo and Bayless are likely to be gone, the Bucks will be faced with a difficult decision. Take the 2nd best point guard available (Russell Westbrook or DJ Augustin), or take Eric Gordon.

That's Eric Gordon, SG, out of Indiana University. Where Coach Sampson coached him last year. An interesting correlation regardless.

We base our analysis based on what teams should do, and we're never going to say that a team that was one of the worst in the league should use a top 10 pick on a small guard when they have Michael Redd. Of course, the option to trade Redd is always there. Redd is a pure scorer shooting guard, which goes pretty high on the market and hasn't exactly poured in the wins. It would be a progressive move, but a risky one, and hard to negotiate, given Redd's contract.

We're going to keep an eye for how the Bucks approach Gordon.