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Top Picks 5.19.08

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One day till the lottery! Woot! Make sure to check out our Lottery Primer. Some links to tide us over...

If you like numbers and you haven't read this piece on the relative value of draft picks , you need to click like there's no tomorrow.

Great article in the Sacramento Bee on the value of the D-League , including how much owning a team costs (less than a first-rounder) and how Sacramento, to be quite honest, is completely screwing themselves by ignoring it. If the Kings draft another big man (ANOTHER! BIG! MAN!), are they going to be able to insert him right away, with Spencer Hawes making top 10 money and Brad Miller killing it?  These are the types of scenarios that BEG for D-League involvement.

What do I take from this Indy piece on drafting? A good point guard can turn your team around incredibly fast in the modern NBA.

Turns out Miami is thinking about doing exactly what we think they should do . Except for that whole "going after Boozer" thing.

Florida Coach Donovan says Speights is in dangerous territory .  He could go as high as 18, as low as 35. Scary stuff for the youngster.  We're leaning towards thinking he should go back to another year as of right now.

Speaking of the Nets, they're apparently looking for shooting . They better get this Melo deal done, then, because they're too high to land one of the big 3 shooting guards and after that, it's a (big) man's world.

At some point, someone may want to look at exactly how Don Nelson is handling the Warriors' youth.  Because in a system that runs a lot, you kind of need it.  There was no reason not to send Wright to the D-League for a stint in November and December, then call him up after the All-Star Break.  None.

Dime Magazine's '06 Draft Do-Over , which is brilliant.

The Grizzlies may not know how to run a roster, but they can barbecue! (Ed. Note: Kansas City barbecue OBLITERATES Memphis barbecue, but Memphis > Texas by a hair. )

About Roy Hibbert .

We'll have more on this tomorrow, but here's a look at "how to watch the draft" to figure out ahead of time if your team has a lottery pick.

Upside and Motor is taking a second look at Kevin Love . Well advised.

BMac no love D-League . BMac make D-League sad panda. Sad panda, sad.