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Top Picks 5.20.08: Lottery Edition

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The boys and girls at Blazer's Edge know how to (draft) party

The Bucks may be looking to deal . .

Hey, the Knicks gotta win something, sometime, right ?

A great piece by the Miami Herald that outlines the same thing we think .  The Heat were terrible last year, but there were reasons for that. And they still have Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem, and possibly Shawn Marion.  They don't need the #1 pick as bad as other teams do.

This story lends itself to a pretty popular theory by us. Will Conroy is getting back in the league next year.  He's got a tremendous amount of speed and good ballhandling.

The growing legend of 2010.

Best part about lottery day is that hope abounds. Indy Cornrows is drinkin' the Kool-Aid.

How the top picks might fit in in Charlotte.

Draft Express got exclusive access to JaVale McGee . Those guys are like superheroes.

BrewHoop has a Draft Viewing Guide similar to the one we're prepping for later today.

Blazers Edge is also ready and willing .  Man, if those guys get another lottery pick...

Denver Stiffs is jiving to the lottery beat.

Hope, luck, and the Grizz.

Timeline of a turnaround .

The Wolves' draft history. It's not a happy read.

The Bucks' chances in context.

The Argus Leader checks in with D-League Prez Dan Reed .