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While Watching The Lottery Tonight...

Things to keep an eye on tonight:

  • The easiest way to see if someone jumps is pretty simple.  Before Stern reveals the top 3 picks, he'll run down 14-4.  If anyone is missing from the list found in our percentage chart, as he runs them down, that means they've moved up.  So if Stern says that the Kings are at 12, and the Nets are at 11, that means the Pacers landed somewhere in the top 3.  Pretty simple. Basically, if the  list goes Golden State, Sacramento, kiss your hopes of anyone else winning the Western Conference besides the Blazers till 2015.
  • The Basketball Jones  thinks LeBron will be in attendance tonight, even if he's not on stage, and even though the Cavs aren't in the lottery, because he'll be with Jay-Z who's representing the New Jersey (for now) Nets.  I think this would be hilarious, right up until the point the entire city of Cleveland commits suicide.
  • If the Nets somehow manage to land a lottery pick, does that increase or decrease the chances of a big trade for them?
  • The Bucks are making serious talk about a trade to bring in a veteran star.  Attention, Mr. Hammond. You are two years too early.  Please come back in the summer of 2010.
  • For anyone curious as to how we want this to work out, it's Bobcats-Grizzlies-Clippers.  We kind of love small market teams.  And the Clippers are just sad.
  • How amazing would it be for the Nuggets to actually trade Melo away before the lottery and then have two teams behind them jump into the lottery?
  • The more we look at this thing, the more we're convinced the Heat really don't NEED the #1 pick.  But they do need Derrick Rose. Interesting.

Some thoughts from Corn:

  • How awesome would it be if the Warriors would just embrace their Bay Area quirkiness and send a Bud Light swilling Don Nelson up to bat? Who wants to look at Chris Mullin's 1950's flat top and painted on smirk? Really, send up the one guy who bucks NBA convention consistently and watch him win the whole freaking lottery for them. Then get fired.
  • If Minnesota wins the lottery and Fred Hoiberg attributes the win to the toy bear he has received from a 12 year old liver transplant survivor he has befriended over the years, will they give that kid season tickets? If they do, will he give them back?
  • If you are a Memphis fan, you have got to be feeling God-awful right now. I mean really, do you actually think you can win this thing?
  • It's been 23 years since Stern fixed the lottery for the Knicks. I think they're due.
  • Unlike last year, where I could make a good argument that Al Horford was most likely to go 3rd overall, this year offers no such assurances. I would seriously guess that as many as 6 different players could end up in the spot, depending on who is picking. Thus, the odds say that whoever is "lucky" enough to get that pick will almost surely screw it up. Afterall, there is a reason these teams are in the lottery in the first place.
  • I'm willing to put money on the fact that Jay-Z will be the first pre-lottery interview.
  • I personally don't think that there is another guy out there who could possibly help a team more than Derrick Rose would for the Miami Heat. Yes, I know, I'm out on a limb stating this one.
  • For the Sonics as a team and me personally as a blogger, I would rather see them get this pick than anyone else. Of course I would hate it that the sun is shining on that giant dog's ass of Clay Bennett, but I think they would have the hardest time deciding between Rose and Beasley. They need them both and it would put the onus on Sam "Wonderkid" Presti to make the right move for the franchise. Not to just have a guy like Durant fall in his lap like he did last year.
  • I find it very, very hard to believe that an East Coast team won't win this lottery. That giant compost heap of a conference NEEDS this. It's my gut instinct. Or perhaps its because I didn't eat breakfast.
  • Wouldn't it be awesome if the designated fan the Kings are sending to the lottery wore an Artest jersey and a Palms hat?
  • According to Newsday, the odds are in the favor of the T-Wolves and the Knicks to get the top overall spot.

And some final ones from Matt...

  • I desperately want someone to remix draft lottery highlights to "I've Got A Golden Ticket" and put it on YouTube.
  • How awesome is it that you're going to have Dwyane Wade, Jay-Z, a stuffed teddy bear, and some soccer mom in the same room? Screw Jets fans chanting and Chris Berman.  This is beautiful.
  • The odds aren't with anyone. That's what makes this process great. There's been an amazing amount of criticism over the lottery because it doesn't make "sense."  I've got news for you. Nothing in the NBA makes sense.  This lottery is one of the most random and fun things you can do, and tomorrow, three teams are going to look at their team's chances next year completely differently.
  • Yes, I do want the D-League to do something like this.